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Traveling to Spain and Portugal 34: Scenery from a car window, central Spain

スペインとポルトガルを巡る旅 34: 車窓から5、スペイン中部

< 1. near Segovia >
< 1. セゴビア近郊、夕方 >

Today, I introduce mainly the central part of Spain, the scenery of the plateau zone.
It is scenery from a car window, from Porto in Portugal to Madrid in Spain.
At this time, I finish introducing the scenery of the Iberian Peninsula.


< 2. map of our sightseeing route 
< 2. 走行地図 >

This time, from October 22 to 23, we left No.14 of the map, and arrived at No.3 via No.18.


< 3. mountainous area of Portugal, the 22nd, the morning >
< 3. ポルトガルの山岳地帯1、22日、朝 >

Our bus began to go up the green mountainous area as soon as we left Porto.
The private houses were sparse there.


< 4. mountainous area of Portugal 2, the forenoon >
< 4. ポルトガルの山岳地帯2、午前 >

The altitude of road of our running is about 400 - 600 m.
It is filled with fog subtly at intervals.


< 5. mountainous area of Portugal 3, the forenoon >
< 5. ポルトガルの山岳地帯3、午前 >

< 6. until Spain border, the forenoon >
< 6. スペイン国境まで、午前 >

When we approached a border, it became the gentle plateau zone of around 700 m above sea level.
The big town and the pasturing of cow were seen in this neighborhood.
We passed a border at about 11:00 and took a break at a roadside restaurant in Funtes de Onoro of the Spanish border town.
The bottom photo is a photo that I took from the roadside restaurant.


< 7. “Madrid, May 3, 1808”and “Battle of Funtes de Onoro” >
< 7. 「マドリード、1808年5月3日」と「フェンテス・デ・オニューロの戦い」 >

Battle of Funtes de Onoro

When Napoleon swept Europe, and Portuguese government transferred the capital in Brazil in 1807, he easily dominated over Portugal.
However, when a popular uprising of anti-Napoleon happened in Spain, Portugal fought against the French military together with British troops.
The first battle began in 1810 in the suburbs of Coimbra, and Battle of Funtes de Onoro became last, and the Allied Forces withdrew the French military from there.
Goya of Spanish artist pictured "Madrid, May 3, 1808" about the popular uprising.
Portugal restored the independence again in this way.


< 8. until Salamanca from the border, noon >
< 8. 国境からサラマンカまで、昼 >

The altitude around here is 800 - 900 m.

< 9.  until Segovia from Salamanca, noon >
< 9. サラマンカからセゴビアまで、午後 >

Avila and Segovia are near to Sierra de Guadarrama, and are on the plateau of 1000 –1100 m above sea level.
On this day, we saw the sights of Salamanca and Avila at a quick pace, and stayed in Segovia.


 10. the suburbs of Segovia, the 23rd, the forenoon
< 10. セゴビア近郊、23日、午前 >

The pasturing of cow was seen in many places.
We went to Madrid after the sightseeing of Segovia and flew back home.

Attention: These indicated clock time is of Portugal (summer time).
Difference in time between Spain and Portugal is one hour.
If you want to know the right time, please add one hour to the indicated clock time.


注意: 表示時刻はポルトガルの時間(サマータイム)で、スペインとポルトガルでは時差が1時間あり、スペインの時間は表示時刻より1時間加算して下さい。

It is the list of the scenery photo from car window that I have placed before now.
“ 29: Scenery from a car window, northern Spain and Portugal” = No.11–15 of the map
“ 18: Nature of Iberia 2, from Spain to Portugal”= No.6-11 of the map
“ 11: the sun and moon of Iberia”= whole area
“  7: Nature of Iberia 1, Spain”= No.1–6 of the map

「 29: 車窓から4、ポルトガルとスペイン北部」=地図番号11~15
「 18: イベリアの自然2、スペインからポルトガルへ」=地図番号6~11
「 11: イベリアの太陽と月」=全域
「  7: イベリアの自然 1、スペイン」=地図番号1~6

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