Monday, June 30, 2014

I saw the film “Hanna Arendt”

 a poster of the film

< 1.  a poster of the film >

I introduce the unique European film today.



< 2.  Eichmann >

“Hanna Arendt”
This film is a 2012 German-Luxembourgian-French biographical drama film about German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt.
During World War II, although she was taken to a concentration camp, she escaped, and she becomes some American colleges professor after.
She wrote "the origin of totalitarianism" and supposed that the racial discrimination that reinforced imperialism had induced the Nazism of inland Germany, and the Stalinism of Russia.


Arendt sat in on the trial by TV

< 3.  Arendt sat in on the trial by TV >

The film
This film begins from her sitting in on the trial of Eichmann who was former Schutzstaffel.
The camera chases the testimony scene of Eichmann that was complicit in Jewish genocide and her attitude of contemplating to grope for truth in the trial.
She finds " the banality of evil" to Eichmann before long.
Furthermore, she wakes up to the nonresistance of German and the cooperation of Jewish elder council to the Nazis.
In the latter half of the film, the indication in her magazine reports causes intense repulsion by Jew, and she is driven into a difficult situation.


Testimony in the trial 

4.  Testimony in the trial >

I did not know this philosopher before watching the film and expected the miserable concentration camp scene.
However, the camera continues chasing the female philosopher who has sharp and deep eyes and then is like stubbornness.
When the trial scene in Israel began before long, the testimony scene of Eichmann was a then monochrome live-action film.


Dispute with Jewish friends

< 5.  Dispute with Jewish friends   > 

She declares a longtime friend “ Eichmann is not anti-Judea and is only the government official who obeyed the order ".
Then, for the first time, I understood the meaning using the live-action film by the film director.
Who can play Eichmann who doesn't show a bit of conscience and who makes excuses expressionlessly and indifferently?


Lecture scenery

< 6.  Lecture scenery    >

At the last

This film suggests that not only Nazis but also the state of mind of all aggressors is ecumenical, further teaches the importance of appealing for the truth as having belief.
The truth is to say that the public who became assailants (aggressor) and victims fall into inextricable state of mind in each.
This problem presentation will be confirmed by two psychology experiments before long in the United States.
Eichmann experiment was conducted in Yale University in 1961 in the next year of the trial.
In addition, Stanford prison experiment was conducted in 1971, it became dangerous condition along the way, and it was canceled.

Has she only ascertained a truth as a philosopher?
I think it important that she who is victim and Jew declared fearlessly.
I believe that this is a power of surceasing the conflict and beginning to reach peacefully.

I am grateful to be able to meet the splendid female and splendid filmmaking.




Friday, June 27, 2014

Go around the world of Buddha 19: Birth of statue

a female image, Cyclades in Greece, the 2500 years B.C. 

< 1.  a female image, Cyclades in Greece, the 2500 years B.C.  >

Until now, we investigated the birth and the changes of the Buddha statue from various parts of Asia to India in the reverse direction.
The Buddha statue was born in India, was introduced from China to South Korea and Japan, and blossomed in each country.
From now on, I pursue the wonder of the birth of god statue around the world including Buddha statue.


one of Four Heavenly Kings in Korea

< 2.  one of Four Heavenly Kings in Korea >

The aim of this series
It was to investigate a relation of people and the religion by pursuing the changes of the Buddha statue.
Japanese have deep affinity for Buddha statue and will feel particularly artistic excellence from it.
However, it is not necessarily at one with the doctrine of the Buddhism.
The Buddha statue greatly changed in each country and the times, it was diversified, and it more became individual, and was mixed with other religion.
It may be said that it happened in the dimension being different from the original teaching of Buddha.


one of Four Heavenly Kings in Japan, the 9th century A.D. 

< 3.  one of Four Heavenly Kings in Japan, the 9th century A.D. >

In other words, Buddha statue expression had been changed by the aboriginality culture of each country, the religion movement, the social situation, and the inflow of the foreign country culture.
In Japan, the aspect of the anger of Four Heavenly Kings statue was unique, when people of other country looked at it.
In the Korean Peninsula, the Buddha statue was greatly affected by the invasion of the different ethnic groups and the civil war even in Goryeo period having ardently taken care of the Buddhism.
In Cambodia and Thailand, the leadership struggle between Hinduism and Buddhism brought about the change and the mixture to Buddha statue, too.


Buddha statue in Thailand, the 14th century

< 4.  Buddha statue in Thailand, the 14th century >

Another aim

I want to know why the production of the sacred statue suddenly began in spite of having been evading it by people.
The similar phenomenon happened all over the world.
These are in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto of Japan, etc.
As seen in my series " Birth of primitive art", human beings were producing and using many images that already had religious implications 30,000 years ago.  
However, it did not last long, changed the form and appeared suddenly in many cases.


Venus in Germany, 25,000 years ago

< 5.  Venus in Germany, 25,000 years ago >

From now on, searching the hint to clear up this mystery, I pursue the birth process of the statue in antiquity around the world.
Probably I may find a mystery of human beings even if I do not lead to deep truth.

From next time, I go round mysterious world in antiquity.



Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In Kobe : Persian cuisine

A copper ornamental dish was hung on an indoor wall in the Persian restaurant   

< 1 A copper ornamental dish was hung on an indoor wall in the Persian restaurant   >

We ate Persia cuisinein Kobe.

Left: The restaurant is the third floor. Right: the street in front of the restaurant.

< 2.  Left: The restaurant is the third floor. Right: the street in front of the restaurant. >

In Kobe, there are various restaurants serving every country’s cuisine around the world.
Until now, we enjoyed the cuisine of Turkey, India, Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.
This restaurant is "PARS CUISINE" near immediately Tor Road.
Eating Persia cuisine is the 2nd time in a long time, and eating in this restaurant is also the 2nd time.

今回のレストランは、トーアロードの直ぐ近くにある「PARS CUISINE」です。

in the restaurant

< 3.  in the restaurant 
Arabic music was flowing from speakers in the spacious restaurant.
The person who waited on table was like the Iranian.

Our course was Bandari Course.
Because we do not know these cuisines, we generally choose each course.
It is secondary whether the cuisine is delicious, because our purpose is to taste foreign cuisine.


料理はバンダリーコース(Bandari Course)です。

Left: Khorake Sir Gharche,  Rright: Dolmeh

< 4.  Left: Khorake Sir Gharche,  Rright: Dolmeh >
Left:  mushrooms were simmered in garlic oil.
Right:  pilaf was rolled up with grape’s leaf.

左: マッシュルームのガーリックオイル煮。
右: ピラフのぶどうの葉巻。旨いとは言えない。

Left: Galiyeh Kebab,  Right: Doogh 

< 5.  Left: Galiyeh Kebab,  Right: Doogh >
Left: A stew of shrimps and herbs.
Right:  this yogurt drink is mixed with salt, carbonated water, and dried mint. It was mysterious taste.

左: エビとハーブの煮込み。まあまあの味。
右: 炭酸入りの塩味ヨーグルトドリンク。チャレンジしたが、口に合わなかった。

Upper:  Soltani Kebab.  Lower: Chapati

< 6.  Upper:  Soltani Kebab.  Lower: Chapati
Upper:   two spit-roasted food of comminuted meat of sheep and beef. It was very delicious.
Lower:  Baked thin Nan. A left bottle is in order to pour dried fruit over the kebab. It was mysterious taste.

上: クビデ(羊の挽肉か)と牛肉の串焼き。非常に旨かった。
下: 薄焼きナン。薄いのが良かった。左の瓶はドライフルーツで、ケバブにかける。不思議な味だった。

Upper: Spaicy Loobiya Polo, Lower: Dessert、Chai

< 7.   Upper: Spaicy Loobiya Polo, Lower: DessertChai >

Upper:  Pilaf of kidney bean and mutton. It was nice.
Lower:  The dessert was cold and ginger was working. It was delicious.

上: インゲンと羊肉のピラフ。米の形がかなり異なるが、旨かった。
下: デザートは冷たく、生姜が効いて美味しかった。

While I had been eating, I imagined dry Iranian Plateau distant from the sea, and Persepolis that I didn't yet visit.
I judged some dishes hotter tasting by the look of the red color, but these were not hotter tasting.
We were able to enjoy the dinner.


Monday, June 23, 2014

The society and the information 32: information crosses the border 6

Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster

< 1.   Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster  

From this time, we look about the negative side of the information running over the world.
As we have already seen, when the information was true, human-rights abuse was stopped, and conflict was suppressed, and also democratization was possible by inspiring people.
However, if that information were distorted, what would have happened?
The news of Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster was typical example of manipulation of information, and the eeriness was remarkable.


Pollution range

< 2.  Pollution range  

The outline of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster
In 1986, the nuclear power plant disaster of the worst level 7 (it is the same as the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster) happened in the Ukraine of the Soviet Union.
The origin of the accident was this: when conditions of low output power had occurred at the time of a stress test, because the operating staff was panicked by it, they canceled the safeguard and tried to return it normally.
However, the nuclear reaction adversely was runaway, and several seconds afterward, the reactor core melted down and exploded.
The accident cause depends on the test having been just carried out in a structural unstable condition (defect).
But also it may be said that it was not generated if the judgment and the handling of the control officer are right (it is always the same).


Worker after the nuclear power plant disaster

< 3.  Worker after the nuclear power plant disaster 
The burst size of the radioactive material was 400 times the atomic bomb of Hiroshima.
After one day, it arrived at Sweden on the wind, and was observed throughout the Northern Hemisphere after half a month.
At first, the Soviet Union government did not respond to the situation seriously, and concealed the accident at home and abroad.
Therefore, with being defenseless, a lot of persons that had been sent to fire fighting or restoration work got heavily bombed.


changes in thyroid disease person of neighboring country Belarus

4.  changes in thyroid disease person of neighboring country Belarus, yellow = adult,  blue = young man, red= child, vertical axis = number of patient /100000 people >

The clear damage were 33 worker's deaths at the first stage, people's migration of 130,000, and the pollution area of 130,000.
However, a large number of the diseases and the deceased persons that were doubted of radiation exposure increased rapidly afterwards among the associated workers or the local inhabitants.
It is assumed that the deceased persons by the accident are from several hundred to hundreds of thousands of people.
But, because the causal relationship cannot be proved, the formal announcement is nothing (it is always the same).


newspaper report

< 5.  newspaper report >

How would the world report it?
Originally, although the truth should have been reported, the reports were written with respective strong speculation.
For the Soviet Union, the accident was the biggest catastrophe.
This nuclear reactor was an independent developmental technique, and also government management.
The world was in the middle of the U.S. and Russia Cold War.
Moreover, many European and American advanced nations were promoting the nuclear power plant industry, and nuclear power plant industry had grown in greatness.
Once, a prominent American nuclear reactor scholar repeated theoretical calculation, and concluded, "A nuclear power plant disaster is lower than the probability that a meteorite will fall to Yankee Stadium."

Next time, I look at the reports in East and West.



Saturday, June 21, 2014

A spring of Awaji Island: Awaji Yumebutai3

 Hundred step garden 

< 1.  Hundred step garden >

This time, we look down the whole from elevated hill.

A panoramic view of Awaji Yumebutai  

< 2.  A panoramic view of Awaji Yumebutai  >
A red frame is the place having taken the photo.

a view from the rooftop terrace

< 3.  a view from the rooftop terrace 
Upper fig.: the right is the hotel, and the beach of the shell is located just on the underside.
If it isn’t dim, Osaka and Wakayama are visible beyond Osaka Bay.
Lower fig.: a garden and a fountain are in the rooftop terrace. 

上図: 右側がホテル、下が貝の浜。霞んでいなければ大阪湾の向こうに大阪、和歌山が見える。
下図: 屋上の庭園、噴水。

Hundred step garden

< 4.  Hundred step garden  >
Upper fig.:  the flowers of around the world are blooming in the hundred step garden.
Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park is seen beyond it.
Lower fig.: The long artificial waterfall is seen at the front.
The flowing water is maintaining a fixed rhythm, and falls down the stairs.

上図: 百段苑には世界中の花が咲き誇る。その向こうに淡路島国営明石海峡公園が見える。
下図: 手前に人口の滝が見える。水は一定のリズムを保ち、階段を流れ落ちて行く。

 I looked down the hotel from a top of Hundred step garden 

< 5.  I looked down the hotel from a top of Hundred step garden  >

The roof of the Green house is seen at the lower right 

< 6.  The roof of the Green house is seen at the lower right >
The other side of the sea is a cityscape of Kobe and Mt. Rokko.
This time, although I don’t introduce it, Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park and the Green house are also wonderful.

Introducing about Awaji Yumebutai is last now.



Thursday, June 19, 2014

History of sickness and medical art 27:  China 2

 Medical treatment scene of doctor Bian que 

< 1. Medical treatment scene of doctor Bian que >

This time, I look at the change of medicine through the activity of the doctor.


Capital's remain of Yin dynasty 

< 2.  Capital's remain of Yin dynasty >


In the entire world, the medical treatment by fortune telling or prayer was in the mainstream in ancient times.
Similarly, medicine man (witch doctor) was most valued in the royal palace of Yin that occurred in the 16th century B.C.
However, a portent of experience medicine was seen also in Yin dynasty, and, in Western Zhou Dynasty in the 8th-11th century B.C., the tendency further was progressing more.

医 師


Duke of Zhou is a Prime Minster of Yin dynasty and seemed to have written ”Rites of Zhou”

 3.  Duke of Zhou is a Prime Minster of Yin dynasty and seemed to have written ”Rites of Zhou”

According to ”Rites of Zhou” in which the administrative organization of Western Zhou Dynasty is described, there was a medical special department that separated from magic and religion.
It included the disease prevention, the treatment, the management about medicine and medical appliances, and the accountancy.
The ranking of medical person was indicated in that order: the doctor (he collected medicine and superintended inferior doctors), food doctor (he prescribed food and drink), internist, surgeon, and veterinarian.
The doctor had been classified by the results and was obliged to report his failure or his success as the judgment data.
In the middle of next chun qiu Zhan guo shi dai (end of the 8th-3rd century B.C.), the change appeared furthermore.
As we had looked a famous physician of the King of Qin last time, doctors like Bian Que (the 5th century B.C.) came to play an active part among many thinkers (Hundred Schools of Thought) that went around feudal lords of each country.


a relief engraving(hua xiang shi) in the 2nd century A.D. showed Bian Que carrying out acupuncture.

< 4. a relief engraving(hua xiang shi) in the 2ndcentury A.D. showed Bian Que carrying out acupuncture. >

The bird expresses the doctor, and his name means the magpie of a wise bird.
He visited main five countries of those days.
He was skillful at pulse diagnosis and also was excellent in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, five senses (eye, ear, nose, mouth, and tongue), acupuncture and moxibustion.
He was dealt with in “Records of the Grand Historian”, and it was written that he cured the diseases of from feudal lords till common people of each country.
In his words, there was “there are six cureless sickness", and one of that was " a person believes pythoness and does not believe medical art."
This shows a firm belief in medical art of those days, and it shares similarity with Hippocrates of Greece of the same period.
However, the experience medicine did not replace magic medicine.
In the preceding paragraph story of the famous physician of the King of Qin last time, the King was divined by pythoness as “King was cursed as that king had killed two men by his hand, therefore he must die.”


 “Shennong Ben Cao Jing” is a Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants 

< 5.  “Shennong Ben Cao Jing” is a Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants >


The sick classification was hardly based on cause of disease, but was based on "proof” of the condition or pulse diagnosis.
Therefore, the ancient name of disease is uncertain.
As for the oldest specialized book of materia medica, there is “Shennong Ben Cao Jing”(the 1st century B.C.).
The disease names being written in this book covered 170 different types including jaundice, malignant tumor, cold, etc.
And it explained each disease of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and dentistry.

病 気