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Bring peace to the Middle East! 29: about terrorism 9 : Two combatants

< 1. Kamikaze Special Attack Units >

Today, we approach the difference from the terrorism of the Middle East, through confessions of two combatants. 

<  2.  Kaiten Special Attack Units  >

Farewell note of a suicide attacker
"Mother, please forgive me .
I think about the sadness of my family.
However, it must be an importance for me, but I can't think seriously so.
Now, I am thinking of me as a child of this country more than as a child of mother, because I know that my small life even become a big key of the enemy destruction.
But surely I think to be able to die with having pride that I am a child of father and mother.
(annotation 1)

This is a farewell note of a dead youth at Kaiten Special Attack Units in the end stage of the Pacific War.
They had to enter the navy while he was still in college.
One day, they were said from a senior officer suddenly.
"The person who wants to enter the special attack units should apply by tomorrow morning"
In the result, 40 out of 400 people applied for it, and he was one of then.
Though, after all, the remaining youths also were assigned to the special attack units.
(annotation 2)

This note indicates this young man's thought, “ As much as possible, I want to stop the crisis of our country destroyed by own life.”
I see a dignity (self-sacrifice) common to all humankind to the youth who applied for it.
This suicide attack was a brave act from Japanese side, but the U.S.A. (enemy country) viewed it as an insane action and seemed to be afraid of it.

This was a desperate measure that the Navy brass created on the occasion of an approaching defeat.
But there were many youths who responded it by own life.
This background had a factor of Japanese culture including Bushido, but the most important was the war situation being continuous for half a century such as creating many war heroes.

This is a thing to be connected with a Palestinian suicide bomber mentioned above, except at "killing private citizens" and " blessing".

<3.  Terrible sight of the capital of Chechnya in 2000>

Explanation of a bomb terrorist
Chechen Islamic militant caused a bomb terror in Russia, and the criminal was arrested.
He spoke like this to the authorities.
"I murdered tens of people, but, the Russia killed tens of thousands people of our citizens."

He thinks his act is nothing more than insufficient retaliation.

Difference from the terrorism of Palestine
Thing being common to two examples mentioned above and the terrorism of Palestine is a response a small armaments does against huge armaments.

I pick up this example from the world.
Guerrilla is subtly different from the terrorism, but these are used in the similar situation.

< 4. Spanish independence war by Goya >

Guerrilla in wartime.
The Spanish guerrilla against Napoleon forces in Spanish independence war.
The Chinese guerrilla against Japanese military in the Japan-China War.
The Yugoslav Partisan against German military in the World War II.
The guerrilla of Viet Cong against the U. S. Armed Forces in the Vietnam War.
These were mainly fights local citizen performed against the invading army.

Terrorism during a conflict
The terrorism having aimed at abolition of Apartheid in South Africa.
The terrorism by the IRA having aimed at independence of Ireland in the U.K.
The terrorism aiming at independence of Palestine in Israel.
The terrorism by Islamic extremist advocating anti-western idea all over the world.
It is said that these aim at giving the authority fear mainly.

A difference of killing combatants is outstanding between these terrorism and these guerrillas, but it is only difference in situation.

In fact, there are many private citizens massacred by regular army in the war, such as Dresden bombing, Chongqing bombing, atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, retaliation to guerrilla (Nanjing Incident and My Lai Massacre).

<5. Former IRA>

Important thing
Terrorism is a crime that we should hate.

However, there were lots of villainy before then, such as discrimination, destruction and slaughter.
Originally, it should be brought to justice as war crimes together.
Unfortunately it is difficult to punish rulers, and it is usual that the information is deflected by these rulers.

The important thing is we don't look away from the background that the terrorism occurs on.

Mutual understanding was indispensable for the end of bloody conflict that happened in the world.
When there was not it, there only was submission or erasure.

On the next time, I approach a relation of religion and terrorism.



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地中海クルーズとカナリヤ諸島クルーズ 29: ローマ3、終わり

< 1.コンスタンティヌスの凱旋門、4世紀  >



< 2.サンタンジェロ城、2世紀 >


< 3.テヴェレ川沿い >
上の写真: テヴェレ川の向かいにアヴェンティーノの丘が見える。

中央の写真: このテヴェレ川の右岸がアヴェンティーノの丘。
下の写真: 「真実の口」の彫刻があるサンタ・マリア・イン・コスメディン教会。


< 4. パラティーノの丘 >
上の写真: 手前の広場は紀元前の戦車競技場跡、チルコ・マッシモ。

下2枚の写真: 上記の拡大。


< 5.コロッセオ >



< 6. コロッセオとフォロ・ロマーノ >



< 7. チビタベッキアに向けて 1 >



< 8.チビタベッキアに向けて 2 >













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Bring peace to the Middle East! 28: about terrorism 8 : terrorists and a conscientious objector


<  1.  a suicide bombing in Israel >

We get to the heart of 3 youths feeling desperate in Palestine and Israel.

Farewell note of a suicide bomber
A youth performed a suicide bombing in a route bus of Jerusalem and had written this note three days ago.

I feel blessed in becoming a member of Hamas being a tolerant organization. (annotation 1)
First I am murdered in a bomb, and I feel blessed to be able to murder our enemy at the same time.
This is not because I want to murder but because I wish Palestinian live a life in common with other race.
My father and mother, and all the relatives, I was not forced to go ahead this way.
I pray to God for leading my family to heaven through me on the day of judgment.
Please don't feel sorrow at my departure, and don't cry.
If God chooses it, we may meet soon in heaven. "
 (annotation 2)

He learned Islam in a graduate school and additionally aimed at lawyer.
However, he expected the Liberation of Palestine, and murdered 20 private citizens by this incident.

Why did he perform this cruel suicide bombing?

<  2. Lebanese refugee camp in where battle continues. in July 2007 >

Family of a terrorist
A Japanese photojournalist was making a book of photographs of a Palestinian girl.
He visited her family after four years.
Her house in a camp was destroyed by bombardment, and this family lived at a relative's house in Beirut.

Her mother protested against right wing militiamen who had ruled the camp, so she was hit with a gun, and underwent major surgery.
Her father received a cannonball of Israeli military and was operated on.
Her eldest brother had worked in a factory in the camp but he was arrested by Israeli military.
He was tortured and ousted, then he went to Africa, and has suffered heavy disease.
Her second brother died during a battle in the camp.
The husband of her eldest sister was hit by bomb fragments of Israeli military, and he has suffered total paralysis.
Her uncle received a bullet of radicals to eyes, but narrowly escaped death.
Her younger brother was killed in bombardment. “
 (annotation 3)

There was not her older sister (18 years old) here.
A small group of guerrillas that she led entered Israel, and she was caught by Israel after a battle.
She received torture in a prison, but seems to still live.

Many people may think so.
"I can understand her sorrow and hatred, but why does she fight?
Because, there is surely the retaliation of Israel that is much more severe and indiscriminate."
Maybe these youths merely be hell-bent on revenge?

These two terrorists of Palestine would maybe think as mentioned below.
" At a crisis of destroying our country, we don't care our own life."

<  3.  Israeli high school students refused to do military service in 2014 >

a statement of a conscientious objector

Our Israeli nation has extended a pure Jewish residential area by force since the founding of the country.
But I cannot understand how a security of the area becomes supported strongly.
I cannot understand how it is useful for our society to do attack being more cruel and large-scale than Palestinian terrorism, for suppressing the resistance of Palestine.
The majority of Israeli people want to change such a situation.
The Israeli military men and capitalists perform every thing to maintain their authority.
Our true enemies are these people.
Jew and Arab should confront them together.”
(annotation 4)

This is a statement that third-year high school students in Israel sent to the prime minister when they refused to do military service.
This youth seems to have understood a sentiment of the above-mentioned terrorist.

<  4.  A boy throws a stone at an Israeli tank  >

From the times of the Ottoman Empire to the beginning of the 20th century, Christian, Jew, and Muslim had coexisted peacefully in same town Jerusalem of Palestine.
But this area was transformed into a horrific battlefield due to a large influx of Jewish settlers.

During the initial stage, the Palestinian side did not almost act terrorism to aim at unrelated private citizens and foreigners.
In addition, it was said that the suicide bombing acts counter to Islam, but it gradually came to be allowable for jihad driving out the invader.

After all, as war escalates, growing inequality of military power differentiated how to fight between both groups.

This continues the next time.





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地中海クルーズとカナリヤ諸島クルーズ 28: ローマ 2


< 1. トレビの泉 >



< 2. 多くの彫刻 >

一番上左の写真: トリトーネの噴水。ベルニーニ作、17世紀。
一番上右の写真: 十字路の建物の角にあった彫刻。
下から2枚の写真: テーヴェレ河にかかるポンテ ・ ヴィットーリオ ・ エマヌエーレ 2世橋、1886年。


< 3. 様々な建物 >
一番上の写真: ヴェネツィア広場のヴィットーリオ・エマヌエーレ2世記念堂、1911年。
上から2番目の写真: テーヴェレ河に建つサン・ジョヴァンニ・バッティスタ・デイ・フィオレンティーニ教会。16世紀。
一番下の左: トラヤヌス市場の傍にある戦士の塔。初期建築は12世紀。


< 4. トレビの泉 >




< 5. バチカン市国 >
上2枚の写真: カトリックの総本山サンピエトロ大聖堂。
下の写真: サンピエトロ大聖堂からサンピエトロ広場を見る。


< 6. いよいよ入場 >
上の写真: サンピエトロ広場のオベリスク。
下の写真: サンピエトロ大聖堂の正面から入場。


< 7. サンピエトロ大聖堂内1 >


< 8. 大聖堂内の美術品 >
上の写真: ミケランジェロのピエタ。1499年、高さ174cm、大理石。
下の写真: ラファエロの「キリストの変容」。1520年。


< 9. 大聖堂内部2 >

< 10. 大聖堂内部3 >







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Bring peace to the Middle East! 27: about terrorism 7 : Love and hate of Mossad

<  1.  The bombing incident of a Hotel  >

Why does the Israeli Mossad perform severe terrorism?
We can understand the weight of history and the sadness of the Middle East from the background.

Two hawkish persons
The severe terrorism by Israel has two backgrounds, and it is divided between before and after the founding of Israel in 1948.

For example, a career of Dagan ( the director of Mossad)  that I introduced the last time shows it.

He was born in Ukraine in 1945, but his families were almost killed by genocide of Jews ( pogrom and Holocaust) that swept across Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in those days.
He came over to Israel at last in 1950.

However, Middle East war that had already begun, so this area became a place of the battle with Palestine.
He as a soldier achieved distinction on anti-terrorism operation in Gaza Strip and Lebanon, and he as a guerrilla soldier was feared as "an emperor in the world of darkness".

In this way, he was indispensable for Israel.

< 2.  Former prime minister of Israel Begin >

The Begin of a hawkish person (holding office 1977-1983) has a similar shadow.

He was born in Belarus ( at that time, a Poland territory) in 1913, but the family was murdered by Nazi.
He participated in Israeli terror organization Irgun in 1942 and became a leader afterwards.

This organization bombed a military headquarters (Jerusalem) of the U.K. that got the evidence of military struggle of Jewish Agency (annotation 1), and caused a catastrophe (annotation 2)  in which 91 people were killed .
Because of this, the U.K. came to be cautious about the mediation for Palestine and left this area.

In 1977, he rallied small opposition parties and formed Likud Party, became the first prime minister of the right wing, and adopted a hard-line policy (territory expansion and respecting of Judaism) that formed subsequent Israel.
It shifted away from the reconciliation and coexistence with Palestine that  Labor Party of previous ruling party advocated.

After the Fourth Middle East war, in 1979, he concluded a peace treaty with Egypt by a mediation of the U.S., and won Nobel Peace Prize

He showed his real ability as hawkish position afterwards.
In 1981, the Israeli air force bombed Iraqi nuclear sites suddenly, and he made a statement, "I never permit weapons of mass destruction development".
The United Nations Security Council criticized it with one accord, but the Israeli people strongly supported it.

In the next year, the Israeli military invaded and attacked in Lebanon, and Lebanese Civil War intensified.
The Palestinian refugee slaughter (annotation 3) occurred by Lebanese militia that the Israeli military supported, and several thousand people were slaughtered in two days.
In the next year, he was criticized by people on the invasion and slaughter, and resigned.

< 3.  Palestinian refugee slaughter (annotation 3) >

What happened in the Middle East?
In early phase of the founding of Israel, the people supported an reconciliation with Palestine (the Labor Party), but became supporting the hawkish position (the Likud Party) before long.
It was associated with a tragedy which happened in the Middle East.

As an example, I introduce a rescue operation of the Mossad.
In a night of 1971, an Israeli naval missile boat went on sea of Syria through the Mediterranean Sea raged by bad weather, and anchored off a shore.
Three Mossad agents transferred from the missile boat to a rubber boat, then swam till the beach, changed clothes, and left for Damascus.

They put some Jewish young women and boys in a light truck attaching a canvas top, and left for same beach taking advantage of darkness of the night.
When they arrived it, sent a signal by a flashlight, then a rubber boat came to pick them up, and everybody was able to flee into Israel safely.

The rescue operation of a Jew from Syria was performed approximately 20 times in 3 years from 1970, and approximately 120 people became the Israeli person.

If the agents were caught locally, a torture and ghastly death waited for them.
It was performed in the strict confidence because it might endanger the family that stayed in Syria if their escape was known.

< 4.  Former prime minister Meir ordered the rescue operation >

<  5.  Jewish refuge from the Arab countries >

What made Israel more extreme?
From the old days, Jew took a role in foreign trade etc. in the Arab world, and had lived a life peacefully.
However, after the founding of Israel, the persecution against a Jew was strengthened in the neighboring Arabic countries, and the Jews who ran away to Israel appeared one after another.

These people (Mizrahim) were treated in a low rank in comparison with people ( Ashkenazim) that emigrated from Europe, and had gotten disgusted with the Israeli government.
The Begin, prime minister of Israel, severely criticized the ruling party on a mistake of the Middle East war, gained the Mizrahim to his side, and could take the political power.

Thus, Hatred and discrimination produce further hatred and discrimination, and the chasm between the both is deepened more and more.

This continues the next time.

注釈1 : 1929年に創設されたエルサレムに本部をもつユダヤ人の国際的機関。パレスチナにユダヤ人の本拠を設けるというシオニストの計画の対外機関として,資金集め,パレスチナへのユダヤ移民の監督,イギリスとの交渉にあたり,国際連盟ではユダヤ人の利害を代弁した。

注釈2 : 1946年、キング・デイヴィッド・ホテル爆破事件。

注釈3 : サブラー・シャティーラ事件。

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< 2.神戸方面を望む >



< 3.眼下に大阪湾を望む >

< 4.月を見上げる >


< 5.明石海峡大橋が見える >



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Bring peace to the Middle East! 26: about terrorism 6 : maneuver secretly in Mossad

< 1. Dagan was former Director of the Mossad >

I introduce Israeli Mossad that is famous of the best intelligence service or a terror group of the government.
What does the maneuver secretly to exceed the cloak-and-dagger film bring us?
We look at the subversive activities against the nuclear development of Iran as an example.

< 2.  Iranian president Ahmadinejad and centrifuges >

Iran joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of 1970 from the beginning, and aimed at nuclear power generation construction under the cooperation of the U.S.
However, when Iran Islamic Revolution happened in 1976, Europe and America broke cooperating on the atomic plan, and Iran independently continued the nuclear development.
The United Nations with a focus on Europe and America asked Iran to stop it as nuclear weapon development, and performed sanctions.
Above all, Israel decidedly acted to prevent the nuclear development of Iran, and the U.S. tuned to it, too.
In 2015, an agreement was reached between the U.S. and Iran by leadership of the U.S. , and Iran maintained the ability for nuclear development, but reduced nuclear sites.

There is not a conclusive evidence of the nuclear weapon development of Iran, and Iran denies.

On the other hand, Israel has said uncertainly the possession of nuclear weapons strategically, but the world considers it is a nuclear nation and holds more than 100 warheads.
Only Israel does not join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East and does not accept an inspection of IAEA.
Israel is considered to be a nuclear nation since 1969 by cooperation of France.

<  3.  fear of Iran’s nuclear development, by Ventura Country Star in 2006 >

Mossad produced successful results to prevent the nuclear development of Iran
In 2002, Dagan took up the post of Director of Mossad by being implored.
Israeli Prime Minister Sharon called him " the man hides a dagger in mouth".
In 2010 before his retirement, the Egyptian newspaper reported in this way.
”If there is not Dagan, Iran's nuclear plan would be completed several years ago. There is not person that does not know Dagan in the Iranian national leadership.”

When a man was going to enter his house of south Tehran in 2011, he was shot dead.
He was a physics professor, and seemed to be a head of development of electronic switch of nuclear warhead.
In 2010, two cars that two couples of nuclear scientists and wives separately rode on were running in Tehran, and these cars exploded at the same time.
The head of scientific section in charge of the nuclear plan in Iran died instantly, other three persons got injured, and another scientist became the Vice President after return.
In the same year, a large explosion took place as soon as a professor in Faculty of Engineering opened car door for attendance, and he died.
In 2007, Iranian government announced that a professor of electromagnetism died in an accident at home, but actually he was killed with radioactive poison.
It is said that the two persons were concerned with a nuclear plan together.
This kind of assassination was also carried out in the early 1980s.

The beginning of the subversive activities that Dagan led was February, 2005.
A domestic nuclear site was attacked by missile strike of unidentified plane and exploded.
Furthermore, a facilities of another nuclear power plant and a secret research institute were blown up.
In 2006, a large explosion took place in a underground facility in which many Iranian scientists, engineers and directors of the nuclear plan gathered for test operation of centrifuges.

In 2010, Dagan produced the last great result.
The half of all centrifuges for the uranium enrichment in Iran became unusable.
It was because that the computers of the centrifuges became uncontrollable due to a computer virus invading.

During this time, various subversive activities were carried out.
They captured a uranium ore carrier, sold the centrifuges that break down in using, displaced many people of Iran's nuclear development by disclosure, corruption, disappearance, exile, or assassination, and caused a crash of nuclear sites, then blasted it.
American CIA and British MI6 supported the Mossad being the practice corps, and the Iran's antigovernment force joined, too.
Naturally, the top of the U.S. and British would agree it.

< 4.  Insanity is opposed to each other >

What do the assassination and subversive activities mean?
Do you praise it as the outstanding job that prevented the possession of the nuclear weapon?
Or, do you consider it as a terrorism by a fanaticism nation or an attack without the declaration of war?

Israel continues to use any relentless non-humanitarian means for own national interest.
The assassination and subversive activities to be carried out backstage have surely scattered hatred and tinderbox in the Middle East, and they hide a true cause to a person outside of the Middle East.
Thus, Palestine and the Arab that became weakened and lacked a leader are driven in at the deep end more and more, and become getting ignored by the world.

In October, 2005, Iranian president Ahmadinejad said "Israel must erase from our map".
Then, Europe and America and Israel thought it as a collateral evidence of the nuclear weapon development of Iran, but I think it was due to a big anger against the maneuver secretly of the Mossad.
Furthermore, there is a rumor that  I S I L (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)is a tool of Mossad.
I accept the rumor with consideration for who its opponent is and the presence of founder.

This continues to the next time.


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地中海クルーズとカナリヤ諸島クルーズ 26: マラガ 2

< 1.ピカソの像 >



< 2. カテドラルからメルセー広場に向かう >

上の写真: カテドラルの北側。
中央の写真: 賑やかな通り。
下の写真: 通りのベランダ。


< 3. サンティアゴ教会 >
上の写真: 教会の正面。

下の写真: 教会の尖塔。


< 4. メルセー広場とピカソの生家 >
上の写真: 通りからメルセー広場が見えた。
中央の写真: メルセー広場。

下の写真: 正面の建物の左側1階に、生家への入り口がある。


< 5. ピカソ美術館 >


上の写真: 16世紀の宮殿を改造した美術館。

下の写真: 美術館内。


< 6. ピカソの美術館作品 1 >

No.2: MATHER AND CHILD、1921年作。




< 7. ピカソの美術館作品 2 >

No.5: BATHER PLAYING、1958年作。 
No.6: BATHER、1971年作。


< 8.アルカサバ >

上の写真: パセオ・デル・パルケ通りから見た。
中央の写真: 西側から見た。
下の写真: 埠頭から見た。




< 9. 市役所の前で >




< 10. マラガとお別れ >