Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New fables of Aesop 10: Penguin and white bear

平成イソップ物語 10: ペンギンと白熊


It was far an ancient time.
There was a sea closed by ice on the end of firm ground.



Two males of penguin and white bear complained to God.
My wife says only a complaint, and often becomes a bad mood.”
She says that my caught bait is bad and you are stinking.”
I was always diligent, and yet I get angry.”

After a brief interval, Got questioned a little.
“ Have you not broken a promise with your wife? ”

Penguin: “ I would like to fulfill the promise as much as possible, but I only forget a little.”

White bear: “ I don't have a mind to fulfill the promise with my selfish wife.”




God: “ Do you know wife's birthday? “
Penguin and white bear: “Yes, I know.”

God: “ Do you want to keep fair with your wife? “
Penguin and white bear: “ Yes.”

God: “ you only do the following for 1 year as I say.”
“ Keep your promise and if you broke your promise, apologize to your wife.“
“ Present stones or fishes to your wife on her birthday.”

Penguin and white bear: “ What simple it is!”

ペンギンと白熊: 「はい知っています。」

神様: 「あなた方は妻と仲良くなりたいですか?」
ペンギンと白熊: 「はい」

神様: 「1年間、私の言う通りにすればよいでしょう。」
「 約束を守り、約束を破ったら妻に謝りなさい。」

ペンギンと白熊: 「なんだそんな簡単なことですか。」

One year later on a certain day, two males met God.

Penguin: “ Thank you very much. By your favor, we carry out our child-rearing along with keeping fair with wife and are living happily.”

White bear: “ I did not fulfill some promises, but by such an insignificant cause, my wife left together with our children.”
“ My wife didn't have a mind to fair with me from the beginning.”

God murmured a soliloquy.
“ Penguin will increase descendants more and more from now on.”
White bear cannot but still live upon drift ice alone.”


ペンギン:「 ありがとうございました。おかげで夫婦仲良く子育てをして幸せに暮らしています。」
白熊:「 私が約束を守らないぐらいで、妻は子供を連れて出ていってしまいました。」




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