Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The election outcome of despair 1 : Economic policy 1 

 Japanese government debt

< a red line shows Japanese government debt >

This one-week was the days tormented by despair, anger, and a sense of powerlessness.

In the result of a national election of Japan, Japan will fall to an abyss.

Why is politics of Japan the worst?

The political party that stagnated Japanese economy for the past 30 years came back to political power.

And without reflecting on themselves, they are trying to take their conventional method and dangerous means.

Although I want my prediction deviate, i point out some dangerous factors.







Economic policy

Why do people allow that they have disregarded the economy?

The Liberal Democratic Party had performed public investment for 30 years. It was 7 to 12 trillion yen every year.

This had got to push up Japanese gross domestic productGDP, about 450 trillion yenfrom 8 to 13%. (As the marginal propensity to consume is 0.8.)

However, the economic growth rate fell from 4% to 0% in the meantime.

For this reason, 35 trillion yen national bond was floated every year. And 10 trillion yen of these was used to pay off debts.

This amount repaid will increase from now on. And if interest rates go up, the amount repaid will increase several times.




これは日本のGDP450兆円を8~13%押し上げるはずであった。( 限界消費性向=0.8として)




 Japanese corporate investment 

< a black line shows Japanese corporate investment >

A clear thing

Since the public investment has little effect, the outstanding obligation only increases.

Why does the party put power into this policy?  It will be only for protection of vested rights and interests.

Since the economic growth is indispensable to settle up the debts, we must carefully carry out the policy of reflation.





 the gross domestic product(GDP)in Japan

< growth rate of the gross domestic productGDPin Japan

What is likened to Japan?

The seriously injured diabetic is eating beef and a sweet cake heartily, carrying out insulin injection every day.

He is likened to Japan.

A serious illness of Japan is in the collusive relation between the public and private sectors, such as that nuclear power plant promotion and agricultural protection.

It is because there is much industry that abandoned growth by regulation or protection.

This seems to give the vested-rights-and-interests industry by immense government bond issuance (injection) (gluttony).

This is same as that people give assistance for the privileged business by immense government bond issuance.

We look at about economy next time also.








Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the scene in Awaji-island  : Kariya in Higashiura

 The sea seen from the breakwater 

< The sea seen from the breakwater >
This time, I introduce a place where I often take a walk.
Here is Kariya in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and a fishing port facing Osaka Bay.
this place is surrounded by the sea and the mountain.


 The mountain seen from the breakwater 

< The mountain seen from the breakwater >
Since this place is also warm in winter, the cultivation of flowers is prosperous here.
Moreover, there is a gentle breeze in summerand people can live comfortably.
In here, the Water and the rice are also delicious.
On holidays, many sea fishing visitors will come from Osaka or Kobe.
And many bathers visit in summer.


 a big Kannon statue seen from the breakwater

< a big Kannon statue seen from the breakwater

 a walking course toward the hill 

< a walking course toward the hill >

 a big Kannon statue seen from the hill

< a big Kannon statue seen from the hill >

 the see seen from the hill

< the see seen from the hill >

 the fishing port

< the fishing port >

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thanks for Award

 award ,wordpress

I was nominated in the Addictive Blogger Award of WordPress.

Thank you THEBLAZING TRAIL for nominating me for this award.

The announcement was overdue although this award has been nominated on October 13. I am sorry.

I was the third award this year. I am very glad. I have continued sending articles towards the world from May in this year. I appreciate that some people among the world has got interested in this blog.

Continuously, I will enjoy our blog together with us.

Ten Bloggers I nominate for this award:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Birth of primitive art 5 : the last Brightness of cave art

 シャーマン,Trios Freres cave、shaman 

< fig.1、Trios Freres caveshaman >

This time, we look at the wonderful arts in the last of glacial epoch Europe.
These were in the fate that disappears suddenly soon.

At first, it is the Altamira cave (about 14500 years ago) in Spain.
It is close to a sea and is on a gently sloping karsts hill (altitude 160 m.).



 アルタミラ大天井,the big roof

< fig., the big roof >

 バイソン,a bison

< fig.3, a bison >

The mural paintings were concentrated in the big roof fig.2 (entering the entrance of fig.4, immediately left-hand side).There were pictures of 25 animals drew with red, black and brown.
The pictures were many bisons, deer, wild boar, horse and a person like shaman.
The stereoscopic effect and reality of bison fig.3 are increasing by many colors, gradation and shadow processing.
This is the highest level of Old-Stone-Age pictures.
It is presumed that one author drew the all pictures of the big roof, and the cave had been managed together.
Probably, the bison that emerge in abysmal darkness by a swinging torch may seem to be alive completely.



 ,アルタミラ洞窟,Altamira Cave

< fig.4Altamira CaveThe lower left is an entrance. full length 270 m, Spain >

The first Peoples came to the cave about 19000 years ago.
The People did not live inside the cave (fig.4), but dug the hole in the cave entrance, and were making it the dumping ground.
Because of the thrown-away bone, it turned out that rich woods and many hunting animals were in the circumference of the cave.
The drawing animals accord with the hunting animals.

It seems that the peoples repeatedly used the cave as a meeting place during the long period.
Various small groups came and went the vast domain between France and Spain.



 ,トナカイと魚,reindeer and fish

< fig.5reindeer and fish

2頭のバイソン,Two bisons

< fig.6Two bisonsfull length 61cm in right-hand side

We look at other distinctive arts from an old thing.
Fig. 5 is a developed figure of commanding sticks was made of hartshorn. This was found in Lortet cave of 17000 years ago in France.
There are a reindeer of right edge looks back, and the legs of two reindeers before it.
And the four salmons seem to poke the deer from the bottom under the legs.
Probably, this drew the spectacle in which a group of reindeer just has been going across a river to which the salmons have been ascending.

They caught the moment that they excited most. The vigorous figure was expressed by simple line engraving.

Fig. 6 shows the relief that was made of clay on the floor in Tuc d'audoubert cave of 15000 years ago in France.
One pair of bison at last minute copulation was expressed.
Fig.1 was a cop of mural painting in Trois Freres cave of 15000 years ago in France. This cave connected with the above-mentioned cave.
It is visible to shaman who imitated the figure of a deer, or the personified person.



 線刻画,line drawing carved into the rock in Addaura cave 

 < fig.7、 line drawing carved into the rock in Addaura cave >

Fig. 7 shows the line drawing carved into the rock of about 10000 years ago in Addaura cave of Italy.
Eight persons become a round ring and dance around two lying persons in the picture.
Strangelythe dancers are wearing the mask to which a beak attached. Two persons of middle are bind a head and a leg with a rope, and their penis is rising up.
This is associated with the scene of a sacrifice.

In those days, did the ceremony that wore mask already start?

I will tell the perspective of cave arts next time.




Monday, November 26, 2012

Misunderstanding of war 11: growing fight and perverted sense

 Lieutenant Colonel Hirose in Drama“Saka no Ue no Kumo” ,広瀬中佐

 < Lieutenant Colonel Hirose in DramaSaka no Ue no Kumo

In general, a war of a nation-state is performed, after people agree.

Why do people approve the war?

We look at some of the situation.




Birth of a war god
From 100 years ago, Lieutenant Colonel Hirose was worshipped in Japan during the war.
In the Russo-Japanese War, a navy lieutenant colonel was kind to his subordinate tragically was killed in war.
In those days, all newspapers were overflowing with various battle casualty reports every day.
In the newspaper, the lieutenant colonel's portrait that was surrounded by the flower of the cherry tree appeared with a phrase "Lieutenant Colonel war god Hirose”.
The article that the fleet director generals praise him was attached to it further.

His coffin was sent from Kyushu to Tokyo, many people went to every station on the way to meet it and wailed.
In Tokyo, it was protected by about 400 honors guards, and marched.
The campaign of bronze statue erection was performed briskly and three statues were made.
After that, the Hirose shrine was also founded.
The song "Lieutenant Colonel Hirose" for school children is made, and it  has being printed in their textbooks until the end of the Pacific War .




真珠湾攻撃、the attack on Pearl Harbor 

< the attack on Pearl Harbor >

Respected death of the young soldier 

Although the war god of an army or air force was born also after that, the war gods of the beginning of the Pacific War were the soldiers of the special purpose submarine of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The newspaper at those days praised them. In spite of the command to return, all the members of them devoted their death entirely for attack.
In fact, one of these ten soldiers had become a prisoner of war, but the navy had kept this secret to the last.
Navy secretary Yamamoto extolled them, and said "Don't despise the present young person."

The former war god was a veteran officer.
But with intensely consumed war situation, the youngest soldiers had become the war god.
This was connected with birth of special attack ”kamikaze” that was feared by overseas.

In other words, young soldiers who don’t regret their life became very valuable.
Although these were most commonly due to guidance of the military authorities people also instigated them in synchronization with the newspaper.




 万歳突撃、Banzai charge
< Banzai charge >

prisoner of war and Banzai charge 

"Never live to experience shame as a prisoner."  A quote from Instructions for the Battle of Japan.
For fear of becoming a prisoner of war, the Japanese soldier often performed the banzai charge with a bayonet at the last.
This meant useless death, because that all the soldiers jumped into a bullet
In those days, it was natural to sacrifice a soldier's life for an Emperor.
Although they had to rush shouting "Emperor banzai”, in practice they muttered "mother..." all most.
The reason for fearing a prisoner of war was mostly in the education.
But, when he became a prisoner of war, his domestic family received persecution from the circumference.

Until Russo-Japanese War, the correspondence to enemy's prisoner by Japanese army was good.
In proportion as the aforementioned conscious against the prisoner, the abuses of enemy’s prisoner become to occur frequently.

In this way, people will be gradually soaked in ravages of war completely, and became to distort soul.





Friday, November 23, 2012

Autumn in Japan : Autumnal color of an ancient city

 境内全景、The complete view of the precinct of temple “ Eikando”

< The complete view of the precinct of temple “ Eikando” 

I went to Eikando in Kyoto, because I wanted to see autumnal color.

The wonderful scenes are introduced with some pictures.

The autumnal color of the garden blazed up by fine weather.

The temple, the pond, and the garden were wrapped in red and a yellow and green color, and I feel my heart lift.





This Buddhist temple is located at the foot of Higashiyama in Kyoto.

The origin goes back about 1000 years ago. This is an exercise hall for Buddhist invocation, and deifies an Amitabha that is one of all fathers.

With the upper photograph, a two-storied pagoda is visible to a left hillside and a big temple in the center.




 境内スケッチ,永観堂,a pictorial map of the precincts of the temple
< a pictorial map of the precincts of the temple >

 京都全景、the precinct with autumnal color of leaves and the city of Kyoto

< the precinct with autumnal color of leaves and the city of Kyoto

 燃える紅葉、crimson autumnal color of leaves 

< crimson autumnal color of leaves >

 もみじ、The leaves of a crimson maple 
< The leaves of a crimson maple >

 苔むした岩、The mossy rock and autumnal color of leaves 

< The mossy rock and autumnal color of leaves >

 石庭、A small dry landscape garden and autumnal color of leaves

< A small dry landscape garden and autumnal color of leaves

 逆光の池端、The autumnal leaves and deep green that look beautiful in a backlight

< The autumnal leaves and deep green that look beautiful in a backlight

 屋内から紅葉,The vermilion of a temple and the autumnal color of leaves

< The vermilion of a temple and the autumnal color of leaves

 銀杏と紅葉,yellow of a ginkgo tree and autumnal color of leaves

< yellow of a ginkgo tree and autumnal color of leaves >

 中庭、coloring of the trees of a courtyard surrounding a pond

< coloring of the trees of a courtyard surrounding a pond >

 池、The pond where a mandarin ducks and a carp play

< The pond where a mandarin ducks and a carp play >

While I was walking along this garden, I felt my heart lift.

By the way, the beauty of the garden filled with crimson is a temporary thing.

Possibly the priest of the temple tried to express prayerful ecstasy like the ephemeral beauty blazed up.
This garden structure has exquisite and extraordinary consideration.
The autumnal leaves even have deep red and a yellowish brown, yellow, and green color.

Moreover, the deep green of moss and the pine, the shining yellow of ginkgo tree pull out each beauty.

And a pond, a dry landscape garden and a temple, a roofed passage, and the stairs of a stone also harmonize with autumnal color of leaves.

This may be one of the essences of Japanese culture and the Buddhist culture which people hold.