Thursday, May 30, 2013

Something is strange. 19: the nuclear plant accident is all but forgotten. 2

rubble of Fukushima

Following from last time, we look at the background of promoting nuclear plants.

The technical and economical problem of the nuclear plant is already clear.
It is trustworthy that it is not what is exchanged for danger.
Most people refused even the rubble of Fukushima that our nation certified safe.

Last time, I brought up six reasons that the nuclear plant problem has been not stared.

Three reasons of the first half can be summarized in " ignoring."
Although this is general mind, its handling is not so easy.

The well similar example is smoking of tobacco.
It passed over five decades from recognizing as tobacco being harmful.
However, since there is violent advertisement of the tobacco industry and tobacco’s dependence property was high, it did not go to reduction easily.
But the prohibition of smoking became a global tide and has improved considerably.
The harmful campaign that led by the government of each nation was the most effective.

I think that the reduction is not expected unless a governmental posture is changed.







a question of an investigating committee 

< a question of an investigating committee >

Three reasons of the finish half can be summarized in " entrusting it to a person of power.”

This is a problem rooted in peculiar political culture of Japan.

Kurokawa chairman of the accident investigation committee said that a nuclear plant disaster originated in Japanese culture.

Going against the government policy by the regulation committee will be not possible like the past trial of nuclear plant probably.
Although the magnitude of nuclear plant-related economic is huge, Japan has experienced the shift of many industries in the past.
Rather, The problem was that the oligopoly and the adhesion expanded and the resisted force became strong.

“Since we elected current government in the election, must entrust it to them.”
It is no good.





Tsuruga nuclear plant built on an active fault.

< Tsuruga nuclear plant built on an active fault. >

Current government exactly has adhered the nuclear plant industry, and has protected it.
In that sense, nuclear plant reduction by current government may be an empty dream.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something is strange. 18: the nuclear plant accident is all but forgotten. 1

 Transition of the advertising expenses of Tokyo Electric Power Company 

< a nuclear plant accident of Fukushima in Japan >

The issue is unanswered, and many nuclear plants become to start running.
Did the danger of the nuclear plant disappear? 
Even now the nuclear plant-related scandal continues.

What has occurred?  Let see it.

The big nuclear plant disaster occurred from the 1970s to the 80s in the world and Japan.
As a result, the Japanese opinion began to turn toward stopping nuclear plants.
However, the advertisement of mass media and our government was effective.
Until before the Tohoku earthquake disaster, national opinion became to promote the nuclear plant.
Then, the Kansai Electric Power came to depend on a nuclear power plant for the great portion of electric power.




Transition of the advertising expenses of Tokyo Electric Power Company 

< Transition of the advertising expenses of Tokyo Electric Power Company >

However, this situation differs from before.

People knew the danger and the problem markedly compared with before.

l       The damage of Fukushima is immense, and continues for a long period of time.

l       The corruption of the nuclear plant-relatedorganization continues even after the accident.

Ø         Disturbance of the nuclear plant accident investigation by the TEPC. 
Ø         A regulation committee leaked the contents of a report to the TEPC on ahead.
Ø         A series "nuclear fuel cycle abolition" of a journal was stopped by pressure of an electric power company.
Ø         A head director of Monju, Japan's fast breeder reactor, resigns for scandal hiding.
Ø         The counterargument of Kansai Electric Power Co. in a judging meeting about the active fault. Irrespective of incomplete investigation at the time of the construction.

l       The possibility of massive earthquakes or the eruption of volcanoes is increasing.



* 原発推進母体の腐敗や堕落は事故後も継続中です。


the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 

< the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake >

The danger of nuclear plant is much clear, so I wonder why it is promoted.

The following reasons are murmured in public.

A.      By forgetting many arduouspast, Japanese people's recovery is early.
B.      People ignore it with mental bias. The fearful thing will not happen. We are safe if we are together all.”
C.      Daily food is more important than future safety.
D.      It is safe if we leave it to the regulation committee or the government.
E.      The abolition will be impossible, because the magnitude of nuclear plant-related economic was huge and had much power interests.
F.       Since we chose the campaign pledge " I regain Japan", must give up other policy.

These may not be true reasons that we can neglect the problem of nuclear plant.

Next time is followed.



A. 日本人は物忘れが酷いが、立ち直りが早い長所がある。
B.     心理バイアスがかかり無視。「恐ろしいことは起こらない、皆と一緒であれば安心だ」
C.     いつ起きるかわからない先の事故より、今日の糧だ。
D.     規制委員会や政府に任せれば安心である。
E.     原発関連の経済規模は巨大で利権絡みもあり、廃止は無理だろう。
F.      ワンセットの公約「日本を取り戻す」を選んだのだから、他は諦めるしかない。



Sunday, May 26, 2013

the town of merchant and riverside: Oumi-hachiman 2  

a decoration of festival, Sagicho 

< a decoration of festival, Sagicho >

This time, I introduce festivals and souvenirs.
Here is a large shrine that has a history over 1000 years and has conducted two fire festivals.


shrine’s gate, Himurei-Hachimannguu

< shrine’s gate, Himurei-Hachimannguu >

This shrine is located at the foot of Hachiman hill


a front shrine and many flying carps  

< a front shrine and many flying carps  >

When I went into the precinct, many flying carps had been fluttering by breeze of May.
The main shrine is visible to the back.


Sagicho festival and Hachimann festival 

< Sagicho festival and Hachimann festival >

A decoration of a dragon at infographic topping was used with a portable shrine(Mikoshi) like left photo in Sagicho festival.
Surprisingly the material of this dragon is many dry sardines( Tazukuri).

Right photo is burning torches of Hachimann festival.
Both festivals always finish with the fire festival at the last, and have been annually held in March and April, spring. 
The fire has what excites people.
The people wished good luck and charmed against bad luck.


a cake shop, club-Harie 

< a cake shop, club-Harie >

Taneya is an established shop of Japanese sweets, and Club-Harie is a cake shop.
These two shops were highly visible along the approach to the shrine.



< souvenirs >

Although a funa-zushi is famous as a souvenir of Lake Biwa, I am not good at this fermented food.
The amber food that has boiled down small fish by soy sauce is delicious.


Friday, May 24, 2013

the town of merchant and riverside: Oumi-hachiman 1  

Hachiman canal 

< Hachiman canal >

In late April, I went to Oumi-hachiman in which there is the historical scenery of the town.
Here is a tourist spotthat was known for the old houses of merchant and the canal.
That day was blessed with fine weather and a guide, and I had a good time.


< Upper map: red mark is Oumi-hachiman, Shiga prefecture. Lower photo: I walked inside a red frame. >

At lower photo, a town spreads at the foot of Hachiman hill where is in center, and Lake Biwa is visible beyond it.
A green bent line in it is Hachiman canal, and the riverside area spreads to Lake Biwa.


Shin-machi street 

< Shin-machi street >

There are the streets of the Oumi merchant who played an active part from Edo period to Meiji period.
Beyond 400 years, I felt the Oumi merchant's breath.

Hachiman hill is visible to the back.
Hidetugu Toyotomi, chief adviser to the Emperor, lived in the castle of the summit.
Beginning of this town is that he gathered merchants and protected.
These merchants have moved from the foot of Azuchi Castle that Nobunaga built about 5 km away from here.
This east shore of Lake Biwa had been important as a lodgement of east-west transportation by land and north-south water transport for many years.



Hachiman canal 

< Hachiman canal >

Those days, Hachiman canal which leads to Lake Biwa was crowded with water transport, and played a role of the moat of a castle.


 while shooting Hachiman canal. One scene of drama Mito Komon

< Left photo: while shooting Hachiman canal . Right photo: One scene of drama Mito Komon >

Hakuunnkann.  Vories, Mentholatum, Kwansei Gakuin University

< upper photo: Hakuunnkann. Lower phpto:  Vories, Mentholatum, Kwansei Gakuin University

At the early Meiji period, the Hakuunnkann is a school that Oumi merchants built and managed.

Vories who had been invited from the United States as an English teacher, played an active part in a Christianity evangelist, a philanthropist, an architect, and a business person.
He met MacArthur after the war and advised on Tenno system continuation of Japan.

Thus, the Oumi merchant's spirit has induced the further deployment.

Next time is followed.





Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Something is strange 17: rising share prices 2

 bubble economy burst

Why does the collapse of the bubble economy repeat?

Worryingly, In order to lower unemployment rate, the government is forced to take economic stimulus measure.
The government must depend on the monetary policy for it, because without expense.
And the control of overheating economy is difficult, and many of it becomes a bubble economy.

I do not know the economist or central bank governor who stopped ever a bubble economy burst.
But just maybe, thanks to be managed by the Governor of the Bank of Japan, the influence of the Lehman shock was slight.

The statement is dangerous even if there is a person who noticed it.
Moreover he will be abused.
Because, many people who are absorbed in the speculation and instigate it lose a large amount fund in one night.





How is this present condition in Japan?

This time, Abe Administration practiced the induction of inflation and the historical monetary relaxation.
The funds that the Bank of Japan scattered around are concentrating on equity market, and it is soaring.
Soon the first step was achieved and it became a memorable year.
It is so good that interest rates react instantly.

As of May 17, the aggregate market price of the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was 442 trillion yen (1 dollar is 102 yen), and it in front of the bubble economy burst of 1989 was 590 trillion yen.
Do you think it is leeway or eve?




What is background of the rising share prices?


Dow Jones Indexes, Nikkei Index, dollar-yen rate

< Dow Jones Indexes, Nikkei Index, dollar-yen rate  

The exchange rate reversed at the end of 2011, and cheap yen has started.
That was because the monetary crisis of EU had become calm.
The U.S. performed large monetary relaxation, and the rising share prices entered into 4th year.


Transition of the aggregate market price of world’s main stock markets, from 2007 to 2013

< Transition of the aggregate market price of world’s main stock markets, from 2007 to 2013 >

The share prices in the world are obviously rising in concurrence with NY Dow.
A huge amount of speculative funds has been injected into stocks in the world, and Japan is only a mere part.


Two prominent economist's advice, brief 

From “ A short history of financial euphoria” by economist Galbraith
“ There is nothing comparable to the world of finance that disregards its history.”
Although some peoples are proudly happy with having found out the novel means of finance, after all, it is ….

From articles in New York Times by economist Krugman
"The EU crisis was the result of the housing bubble which the commercial bank in EU lent a hand in Southern Europe."
" Abenomics of Japan is effective as a business stimulating measure."
On May 10, “ Still, Japan and the U.S. are not a bubble.”

I wish that your property and the life are safe!