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 I live in Japan, and red mark shows it.
<  I live in Japan, and red mark shows it. >

I was born in Osaka, and also spent my school days, and came to Awaji-island in Hyogo Prefecture for job.
I had worked for a company as a mechanical engineer, and retired from it four years ago.
My all children already live on independent, I live only with      my wife.
My daily routines are reading and writing blog.
Occasionally, I help a wife's kitchen garden.
I am gone for teaching to an industrial high school at several times per month.
The place where I live is surrounded by a sea and mountains, and I enjoy walking in rich nature.
I take pleasure in doing domestic trip and overseas trip with wife.

 Around my home
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Communication with the world

<  Communication with the world >

What I aim at.

I like investigating and contemplation、and therefore I am reading the book on a widespread basis.
I conduct regular the reading circle with the friend at once per month.
I am looking for the following answer.
*     Why will peoples and society make unhappy selection?  War, destruction of nature, an economic crisis, discrimination, bullying, etc.
*      Though it is, on the other hand human beings seem to progress in the good direction. Human rights, welfare, a public, democracy, a safety assurance, etc.
*     How can we do a good selection?

I have been searching for these answers and ten years have passed.

several themes of a blog
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About my blog
As one of the means that I find a goal, I began my domestic blog and my overseas blog from April 2012.
It is very important how people of Japan and the world react to my articles.
I would like to make my meditation better by getting to know the reaction and world widely.

Now, I can write in a little English, but I am unripe for reading and understanding your blog.
Therefore I lack in communication skills with you all around the world yet.
I want to become skillful in English as soon as possible, and communicate to the world and freedom.
And I would like to become friend with people in the world.

I'll be counting on you.
2013/03/07  copy from " aquacompass7"

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