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Went around Croatia and Slovenia 13:  Seafaring country Dubrovnik 3

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 13: 海洋都市ドゥブロブニク 3

< 1.  A view of Saint Blaise church from Luža Square >
< 1.ルジャ広場から聖ヴラホ教会を望む >

Today, I introduce the inside of Dubrovnik.
This is a small fort city, but I seem to have slipped back in the Middle Ages.


< 2.  Our sightseeing route >
< 2.私達の観光ルート >
A yellow line shows our walking route of the rampart.
Blue lines are sightseeing routes that I introduce this time, and these alphabets indicate approximate photography point.


< 3.  The inner side of Pila Gate 1 >
< 3.ピレ門を抜けた所1 >

The front side is Placa street of the main street.
Once, this street was a strait, and the Slav lived in left side of it and the Latin lived in the right side.
But it was filled in the 12th century.
The right side is seen Big Onofrio’s fountain.
A church and a tower of Franciscan monastery line up on the left side from the near side.


< 4.  The inner side of Pila Gate 2 >
< 4.ピレ門を抜けた所2 >

B:  Chrach. Height rampart was seen in the left.
C:  Big Onofrio’s fountain.
Water was valuable in this Dalmatian area, therefore water was higher than wine.
Thus, this water supply installation was built by irrigating from a back mountain being 12 km away from in the 15th century.

B: 救世主教会。左に高い城壁が見える。
C: オノフリオの大噴水。

< 5. Franciscan monastery >
< 5.フランシスコ会修道院 >
D:  The courtyard side of the corridor. This corridor is Romanesque of the 14th century.
E:  The wall side of the corridor.  The frescoes show a life of St. Francesco.
F:  The courtyard.
Toward this corridor, there is a pharmacy that followed for 700 years, and we visited it.
This is the third oldest in existing pharmacy in Europe, and it indicates Dubrovnik was so advanced city of the welfare.

D: 回廊の中庭側。この回廊は14世紀のロマネスク様式です。
E: 回廊の壁側。壁画は聖フランチェスコの生涯が描かれている。
F: 中庭。

< 6.  Placa street >
< 6. プラツァ通り >
G:  A bell tower of Luža Square is in the east direction.
H:  A tower of Franciscan monastery is in the west direction.

G: 東方向にルジャ広場の鐘楼を望む。
H: 西方向にフランシスコ会修道院の鐘楼を望む。

< 7.  Luža Square 1 >
< 7.ルジャ広場 1 >
I:  The bell tower.
If go through a gate at the left of the tower, we can go to the old port.

J:  Palaca Sponza.
This was built as a customs house in the 16th century, and valuable documents have been kept since the twelfth century in here.

I: 鐘楼。

J: スポンザ宮殿。

< 8.  Luža Square 2 >
< 8.ルジャ広場 2 >
K:  Roland statue and Saint Blaise church.
A knight statue in the center is Roland statue that symbolizes freedom and independence of European city.
The length between the elbow of the right arm and the wrist was the standard of the length of the commercial transaction.
The church to enshrine the saint in the front was damaged by a major earthquake in 1667, and a fire at later, and was rebuilt in the baroque in the 18th century.
An earthquake often hit this place, and the dead of this big earthquake was more than 5000 people.
Many buildings were rebuilt, but the rampart had only suffered slight damage.

L:  I overlook Placa street in the west direction.

K: ローラント像と聖ヴラホ教会。

L: 西方向にプラツァ通りを望む。

< 9.  Dubrovnik Cathedral >
< 9.大聖堂 >
N:  The outward appearance.
O of the right side:  The inside.
A picture in the middle is " Assumption of Virgin Mary " of a great master Titian in the golden age of Renaissance.
He is a representative painter of the Venetian School, and there are a lot of pictures in the Prado Museum of Art in Madrid.
El Greco of Toledo learned painting in his youth in Venice.
This Cathedral was Romanesque first, but, after the big earthquake, was rebuilt in the baroque.

N: 外観。
右側O: 内部。

< 10.  in the front of the Cathedral >
< 10.大聖堂の前から >
P:  I overlook Luža Square from the front of the Cathedral. 
Q:  Knezev dvor.
Governor-general lived in this residence, and was the center of the politics of the Republic of Ragusa that Dubrovnik was central of.

P: 大聖堂前からルジャ広場を望
Q: 旧総督邸。

There were many tourists in here, and groups of tourists of Chinese and Korean were seen, too.
This is an indispensable port of Adriatic Sea cruises.

This continues next time.



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