Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The total number of visitors exceeded 250,000 people. Thank you very much.



< 1.  "aquacompass" of eo 
< 1. 「アクアコンパス」eo 

Today is a very glad day for me.
It is because the total number of visitors of my blogs exceeded 250,000 people, and the number of the accesses is approximately 470,000.


< 2.「アクアコンパス3」goo、「アクアコンパス2」seesaa、「学のブログ」Ameba

From the first to the present time

First, I began to contribute to my blog "aquacompass" on April 2012.
Thereafter, I contributed the articles from 2 to 4 times in a week without almost taking a rest.
The total number of the articles became approximately 610.
At present, I establish 7 blogs for Japan and 2 blogs for foreign countries.
I attach the English translation for foreign countries as much as possible.

< 3.「アクアコンパス5」YAHOO、「アクアコンパス4」livedoor、「アクアコンパス8」FC2 >

About my blog
The half of my articles was about history and history of humanity, and I introduced my travel sketches of foreign countries and Japan with my photo.
In addition, I wrote fable and criticism, and introduced Kobe, Awaji-island, book, and movie.
My main theme was war, politics, economy, religion, psychology, history of art, and history of medicine.
I'm intentionally providing plain and short article for the blog.

I'm hoping to contribute to " peace of the world" and " prevention of social deterioration ".
Therefore, I send the information, and hope to talk it with people of the world.



< 4.” aquacompass 7 ” of WordPress” aquacompass 8 ” of Blogger

Doing blog was good thing

There were a few persons who wrote dissenting views for my article, I was very stimulated much by it, and render thanks for it.
In particular, there were much of unexpected indications from foreign countries.

In “Go around the world of Buddha statues 7”, when I introduced Asyra’s statue, I received an objection indications from a Hindu man in India.

In “Go around the world of Buddha statues 6”, when I introduced the fearful face of Buddha statue, a teacher in Africa threw doubt on it.

In “the society and the information: News media has fought“, when I introduced the process of the outbreak of war between Japan and the United States, and the Meiji Restoration, I received unexpected indications from Americans.

In “History of sickness and medical art 14”, when I introduced Set expressed with a pig, I received an objection indications from a man in Egypt.

Because these opinions from foreign countries are English language, I tired, but learned much.

I'll be counting on you.


「仏像を巡って 7」で阿修羅像を取り上げた時、インドのヒンドゥー教徒から異論が出ました。

「仏像を巡って 6」で憤怒相を紹介した時、アフリカの教師からなぜ神聖な宗教に怒りの顔を表現するのかと疑問視されました。

「社会と情報 *: 戦った報道 *」で日米開戦の経緯と明治維新を紹介した時、思わぬ指摘を米国の数人の方から受けました。

「病と医術の歴史 14」でセト神が豚の頭で表現されることを紹介した時、エジプトの人から異論が出されました。



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