Friday, November 28, 2014

I went to Wakanoura for seeing autumnal leaves and eating seafood.


autumnal leaves in Kimiidera( temple) 

1.  autumnal leaves in Kimiidera( temple) >
1.  紀三井寺の紅葉 >

We went to Wakayama October 24, 25.
My wife planned this trip for her mother, but, as for me, a dinner and a hot spring were the biggest pleasure.

On the first day, we looked at Kimiidera(temple), Tamatsujima Shrine, Kishu-Toshogu( Shrine) and stayed at a hotel of Saikazaki.
On the next day, we went to Kuroe town of lacquerware, Kuroshio market of seafood, Yuasa town of soy sauce and mandarin orange
It was fine on the first day, but it was clouded from the evening, and it was rainy from the start of the next day.



Kimiidera( temple) 

< 2.  Kimiidera( temple) >
< 2. 紀三井寺 >

This temple worships Kannon Bodhisattva.
We can look over Wakanoura bay from the precinct that we have climbed to on the stone stairway till the last.
The right hand of the central photo is Saikazaki cape that we have booked to stay overnight.
The autumnal leaves seem to have been overblown.


main approach of Kishu-Toshogu( Shrine)

< 3.  main approach of Kishu-Toshogu( Shrine) >
< 3. 紀州東照宮の参道 >

a view of Saikazaki fishing port from my hotel 

< 4.  a view of Saikazaki fishing port from my hotel >
< 4. 宿から見た雑賀崎漁港 >

from an observation deck near Takadushi-yama mountain 

< 5.  from an observation deck near Takadushi-yama mountain >
< 5. 高津子山の手前にある展望台から >

the sights of Saigasaki cape 

< 6.  the sights of Saigasaki cape >
< 6. 雑賀崎の見所 >

Upper fig.:  a view of the rainy fishing port in the morning from my hotel.
Lower fig.:  autumnal leaves of Takadushi-yama mountain 

上の図: 宿から見た雨に煙る朝の漁港。
下の図: 高津子山の紅葉。

my hotel “ ISARIBI-NO-YADO Seaside KANCHO” 

< 7.  my hotel “ ISARIBI-NO-YADO Seaside KANCHO” >
< 7. 宿「漁り火の宿 シーサイド観潮」 >

About this hotel
Good point of the hotel is that we can thoroughly enjoy a nice view of the setting sun and the fishing port from a room and a hot spring, the dining room.
Furthermore, the dinner and breakfast were splendid.
Our room was old and inconvenient, but we were satisfied with all the others.
This neighborhood is slightly desolate in an old hot-spring hotel street.
It is surprising that there was such a good place in Wakayama city.

The photo of the hot spring was borrowed from HP of the hotel.



Introduction of the dinner
The dinner was ingenious seasoning, good setout, and considerate service. 
We were able to enjoy the cooking deliciously.


Dinner 1 

< 8.  Dinner 1 >

Dish 1:  Hors d’oeuvre.
Dish 2:  Sashimi.
Dish 3:  Fried skin of a hairtail.
Dish 4,5:  Shabushabu of yellowtail (blanching).
I forgot to take a picture of a homemade tofu and a tempura.

料理1: 先付;小さいながらどれも味わい深かった。
料理2: お造り盛り合。
料理3: 太刀魚の皮の唐揚げ。
料理4,5: ブリのしゃぶしゃぶ。

Dinner 2  

< 9.  Dinner 2 >

Dish 6:  Grilled turban shell; a specialty dish in this hotel.
Dish 7:  Stewed taro with starchy sauce.
Dish 9:  A clear soup of freshwater clam, and boiled rice with sauce of grouper.
Dish 10:  Dessert; a black ice cream.

Japanese dish was the best.
And the outdoor bath overlooking the cape was the best, too.
Yuasa town of manufacture of soy sauce was also good as old town and it smelled good.

From the next time, I return to “ Traveling to Spain and Portugal.”

料理6: サザエの壺焼き;この宿の名物料理「鷹の巣焼き」、美味しい。
料理7: 海老芋のあんかけ。
料理9: しじみのすまし汁とクエの利休飯(魚クエの汁かけご飯)
料理10: デザート;備長炭のアイスクリームだが見た目と違い、味は良い。



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