Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel to turkey 7:  Ancient city Konya in a plateau

 Mevlana museum from oneself, and Selimiye Camii 

< 1.  Mevlana museum from oneself, and Selimiye Camii >

I introduce an ancient city of the Anatolia plateau today.
Because it is an altitude of 1016 m, it gets cool in an evening even if the sunshine in the end of May is severe.
The city prospered in the capital of Turkish Empire in the 11-13 centuries, and 1 million people live now here.

There is Mevlana Museum in the center of Konya.
This museum was the head temple of Mevlana religious community whose believers are wearing a cone cap and a white skirt, and dancing continuously.
It dispersed 90 years ago and became the religious community's museum now.



Mevlana museum 

< 2.  Mevlana museum >
The steeple of blue tile is beautiful.

Mevlana museum

< 3.   Mevlana museum  >
The left gate is an entrance of museum and mausoleum.

the Grave is in the site of Mevlana museum 

< 4.  the Grave is in the site of Mevlana museum >
Two stone slabs stand on the both ends of lying gravestone.
A conic hat is formed in one side.


Ince Minare Medresesi(sculpture Museum), the 13th century 

< 5.  Ince Minare Medresesi(sculpture Museum), the 13th century >
We only looked on the exterior appearance, but the gate and the pinnacle were wonderful.
Left fig.:  the gate was finely engraved with the words of the Koran.
Right fig.:  the upper part of the pinnacle had collapsed by thunder, but the tiled patterns were beautiful.


People in Konya

< 6.  People in Konya    >
Child’s smiling face is wonderful.

cityscape of Konya

< 7.  cityscape of Konya >
Upper left fig.:  houses of the central part.
Upper right fig.:  a park of hill having dark green in the central part.
Lower fig.: new residential area in the suburbs. I looked down from my hotel.
On the way, unlike old-style rural landscape that I had been watching from window of the bus, the landscape was a developing Turkey in here.
When I entered a supermarket on the way, there were abundant products.
And I bought some soup stocks.

左上図: 中心部の街並み。
右上図: 中心部にある緑濃い丘の公園。
下図: 郊外の新興住宅地。ホテルから見下ろす。

Turkish picture-painted dish, and my hotel in Konya

< 8.  Turkish picture-painted dish, and my hotel in Konya  >
I liked picture-painted dishes of this simple floral design and would buy it later.

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