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The society and the information 32: information crosses the border 6

Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster

< 1.   Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster  

From this time, we look about the negative side of the information running over the world.
As we have already seen, when the information was true, human-rights abuse was stopped, and conflict was suppressed, and also democratization was possible by inspiring people.
However, if that information were distorted, what would have happened?
The news of Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster was typical example of manipulation of information, and the eeriness was remarkable.


Pollution range

< 2.  Pollution range  

The outline of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster
In 1986, the nuclear power plant disaster of the worst level 7 (it is the same as the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster) happened in the Ukraine of the Soviet Union.
The origin of the accident was this: when conditions of low output power had occurred at the time of a stress test, because the operating staff was panicked by it, they canceled the safeguard and tried to return it normally.
However, the nuclear reaction adversely was runaway, and several seconds afterward, the reactor core melted down and exploded.
The accident cause depends on the test having been just carried out in a structural unstable condition (defect).
But also it may be said that it was not generated if the judgment and the handling of the control officer are right (it is always the same).


Worker after the nuclear power plant disaster

< 3.  Worker after the nuclear power plant disaster 
The burst size of the radioactive material was 400 times the atomic bomb of Hiroshima.
After one day, it arrived at Sweden on the wind, and was observed throughout the Northern Hemisphere after half a month.
At first, the Soviet Union government did not respond to the situation seriously, and concealed the accident at home and abroad.
Therefore, with being defenseless, a lot of persons that had been sent to fire fighting or restoration work got heavily bombed.


changes in thyroid disease person of neighboring country Belarus

4.  changes in thyroid disease person of neighboring country Belarus, yellow = adult,  blue = young man, red= child, vertical axis = number of patient /100000 people >

The clear damage were 33 worker's deaths at the first stage, people's migration of 130,000, and the pollution area of 130,000.
However, a large number of the diseases and the deceased persons that were doubted of radiation exposure increased rapidly afterwards among the associated workers or the local inhabitants.
It is assumed that the deceased persons by the accident are from several hundred to hundreds of thousands of people.
But, because the causal relationship cannot be proved, the formal announcement is nothing (it is always the same).


newspaper report

< 5.  newspaper report >

How would the world report it?
Originally, although the truth should have been reported, the reports were written with respective strong speculation.
For the Soviet Union, the accident was the biggest catastrophe.
This nuclear reactor was an independent developmental technique, and also government management.
The world was in the middle of the U.S. and Russia Cold War.
Moreover, many European and American advanced nations were promoting the nuclear power plant industry, and nuclear power plant industry had grown in greatness.
Once, a prominent American nuclear reactor scholar repeated theoretical calculation, and concluded, "A nuclear power plant disaster is lower than the probability that a meteorite will fall to Yankee Stadium."

Next time, I look at the reports in East and West.



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