Sunday, June 15, 2014

A spring of Awaji Island: Awaji Yumebutai 2

 The Westin Awaji Island

< 1. The Westin Awaji Island >

This time, I introduce the world of architect Tadao Ando.


 A panoramic view of Awaji Yumebutai 

< 2.   A panoramic view of Awaji Yumebutai >
A red frame is the place having taken the photo.

Originally this ground was the wasteland that construction sand had been extracted from.
Planner made it the park that is full of nature blending in with the surrounding green and a flower.
Furthermore, a greenhouse plant garden, an international conference hall, a hotel, an open-air theater, some restaurants, and shopping area were also held.
Although the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake hit this region just before its groundbreaking, at the moment, many people are visiting through the year. 
Mr. Tadao Ando performed the whole idea and architectural design.
It is a very unique large park.


 the beach of the shell 

< 3.  the beach of the shell >
The bottom of the beach is covered with 1 million shells of scallop.
Various fountains in this large beach start to dance on each place.


A fountain and garden tree

< 4.  A fountain and garden tree >

a view of the greenhouse side from the beach of the shell

< 5.  a view of the greenhouse side from the beach of the shell >
The greenhouse of the front is “ the Miracle Planet Museum of Plants".

restaurants and shopping area 

< 6.  restaurants and shopping area >
The circumference of the oval yard of upper photo is a restaurant area.


water, sky and concrete 

< 7.  water, sky and concrete >
The cylindrical space consists of a spiral, white, black, and blue.

Next time, I look down from heights.



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