Friday, June 27, 2014

Go around the world of Buddha 19: Birth of statue

a female image, Cyclades in Greece, the 2500 years B.C. 

< 1.  a female image, Cyclades in Greece, the 2500 years B.C.  >

Until now, we investigated the birth and the changes of the Buddha statue from various parts of Asia to India in the reverse direction.
The Buddha statue was born in India, was introduced from China to South Korea and Japan, and blossomed in each country.
From now on, I pursue the wonder of the birth of god statue around the world including Buddha statue.


one of Four Heavenly Kings in Korea

< 2.  one of Four Heavenly Kings in Korea >

The aim of this series
It was to investigate a relation of people and the religion by pursuing the changes of the Buddha statue.
Japanese have deep affinity for Buddha statue and will feel particularly artistic excellence from it.
However, it is not necessarily at one with the doctrine of the Buddhism.
The Buddha statue greatly changed in each country and the times, it was diversified, and it more became individual, and was mixed with other religion.
It may be said that it happened in the dimension being different from the original teaching of Buddha.


one of Four Heavenly Kings in Japan, the 9th century A.D. 

< 3.  one of Four Heavenly Kings in Japan, the 9th century A.D. >

In other words, Buddha statue expression had been changed by the aboriginality culture of each country, the religion movement, the social situation, and the inflow of the foreign country culture.
In Japan, the aspect of the anger of Four Heavenly Kings statue was unique, when people of other country looked at it.
In the Korean Peninsula, the Buddha statue was greatly affected by the invasion of the different ethnic groups and the civil war even in Goryeo period having ardently taken care of the Buddhism.
In Cambodia and Thailand, the leadership struggle between Hinduism and Buddhism brought about the change and the mixture to Buddha statue, too.


Buddha statue in Thailand, the 14th century

< 4.  Buddha statue in Thailand, the 14th century >

Another aim

I want to know why the production of the sacred statue suddenly began in spite of having been evading it by people.
The similar phenomenon happened all over the world.
These are in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto of Japan, etc.
As seen in my series " Birth of primitive art", human beings were producing and using many images that already had religious implications 30,000 years ago.  
However, it did not last long, changed the form and appeared suddenly in many cases.


Venus in Germany, 25,000 years ago

< 5.  Venus in Germany, 25,000 years ago >

From now on, searching the hint to clear up this mystery, I pursue the birth process of the statue in antiquity around the world.
Probably I may find a mystery of human beings even if I do not lead to deep truth.

From next time, I go round mysterious world in antiquity.




  1. I like your article. You want to investigate the relation between people and religion. Great posting

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