Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The society and the information 12: I would be grateful for your understanding in the United States.

社会と情報 12: 米国の皆さんに、ご理解をお願いします

Now, I am going to study the relation between the information and the society about the Vietnam War.
But, forgetting our own fault about the war of our country, I hate to criticize the war of foreign country. 

Firstly, I apologize about it to American readers and I ask for understanding.



I am not dealing with this problem in order that I may blame or dislike the U.S.
I am thankful to the U.S. that contributes to the security of the world with a self-appointed role of the police.
The good points of the U.S. are the posture to maintain the democracy firmly, including the strong mass communication, the protection of internal whistleblower, and the disclosure of the secret official document.
I think that the good points of the U.S. are insufficient in Japan.
In Japan, although there are also good points plentifully, Japan is delayed in comparison with the U.S. in respect of the above, though regrettable.
Although Japan has old history, people don't keep the record and then they lack in the posture of reflecting on the affair later.
In respect of that, there is record than the war of Japan, and the Vietnam War that the analysis is superior to it is good as a subject matter.
Particularly, the sign that I have worried in the politics of Japan just arose.
The bud is still small.


So, I picked up the example of America although being haughty.
I may write the analysis and the opinion that stepped from now on.
Please forgive it.
Please fill with a reproof and an opinion anything.

Next time, we look at what was taking place in the Executive Office of the President.



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