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the town of merchant and riverside: Oumi-hachiman 1  

Hachiman canal 

< Hachiman canal >

In late April, I went to Oumi-hachiman in which there is the historical scenery of the town.
Here is a tourist spotthat was known for the old houses of merchant and the canal.
That day was blessed with fine weather and a guide, and I had a good time.


< Upper map: red mark is Oumi-hachiman, Shiga prefecture. Lower photo: I walked inside a red frame. >

At lower photo, a town spreads at the foot of Hachiman hill where is in center, and Lake Biwa is visible beyond it.
A green bent line in it is Hachiman canal, and the riverside area spreads to Lake Biwa.


Shin-machi street 

< Shin-machi street >

There are the streets of the Oumi merchant who played an active part from Edo period to Meiji period.
Beyond 400 years, I felt the Oumi merchant's breath.

Hachiman hill is visible to the back.
Hidetugu Toyotomi, chief adviser to the Emperor, lived in the castle of the summit.
Beginning of this town is that he gathered merchants and protected.
These merchants have moved from the foot of Azuchi Castle that Nobunaga built about 5 km away from here.
This east shore of Lake Biwa had been important as a lodgement of east-west transportation by land and north-south water transport for many years.



Hachiman canal 

< Hachiman canal >

Those days, Hachiman canal which leads to Lake Biwa was crowded with water transport, and played a role of the moat of a castle.


 while shooting Hachiman canal. One scene of drama Mito Komon

< Left photo: while shooting Hachiman canal . Right photo: One scene of drama Mito Komon >

Hakuunnkann.  Vories, Mentholatum, Kwansei Gakuin University

< upper photo: Hakuunnkann. Lower phpto:  Vories, Mentholatum, Kwansei Gakuin University

At the early Meiji period, the Hakuunnkann is a school that Oumi merchants built and managed.

Vories who had been invited from the United States as an English teacher, played an active part in a Christianity evangelist, a philanthropist, an architect, and a business person.
He met MacArthur after the war and advised on Tenno system continuation of Japan.

Thus, the Oumi merchant's spirit has induced the further deployment.

Next time is followed.





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