Thursday, May 2, 2013

A wonderful place, Okinawa 2 : The sea of coral and Ocean Expo Park

 The coral reef in Okinawa

< The coral reef in Okinawa, by a photo of a diving shop > 

This time, I introduce the sea and the park in central part of main Okinawa island.
Here is a place that people enjoy many marine leisure and life of resort hotel.


a map of okinawa

< A yellow frame is the place that I introduce this time. >


The view from Manzamo 

< ManzamoThe view from Manzamo >

The upper surface of Manzamo is prairie of lawn grass, differs from Hendo cape slightly.
Here is a famous tourist spot, and many beaches or resort hotels dot.
From the edge of the cliff, I could see several upheaval coral, reefs and whitecaps, the sea of dark blue.
There are many coral reefs throughout the sea of Okinawa, and the diving is enjoyed.


Ocean Expo Park, a fountain square, a hibiscus, appearance of aquarium, a huge fish tank

< Ocean Expo Park, a fountain square, a hibiscus, appearance of aquarium, a huge fish tank

When I entered central gate and went down, could see an island beyond the fountain square.
There are a huge aquarium, seaside parks, a botanical gardens, etc in this vast park.


A seashore in Ocean Expo Park 

< A seashore in Ocean Expo Park >

The upper photo shows Emerald beach.
A lower photo shows a small bay that is below the aquarium.
The fragments of white coral are innumerably scattered all over sands, and a marine color looks white.
Standing on the seashore, when the sun just shone from the interval of clouds, I was not able to open eyes due to dazzling.


A resort hotel

< A resort hotel >

There are many hotels with a private beach, and people can enjoy the leisure of the seas such as diving.



< forest

On the other hand, if I go into neighbor hill for a while, the primeval forest has remained.
Unfortunately, we look at the topsoil spill of red clay in some places.
It shows that the grand is poverty of soil.
Today, I enjoyed an aquarium, flowerbeds, seashore, and the sunlight of Okinawa all the day.

Next time, I look at nature of south part in the main Okinawa island.




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