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A wonderful place, Okinawa 3: Naha and Gyokusen cave

Gyokusen cave

< Gyokusen cave >

This time, I introduce a central city Naha and a limestone cave.
Probably, the greatest pleasure of Naha is Kokusai street, and nature of south part is a limestone cave.


MAP of Okinawa

< A yellow frame is the place that I introduce this time. >

Gyokusen cave 

< Gyokusen cave >
The biggest feature in here is many icicle-like stalactites and many stalagmites that extended from the bottom around us.
It is easy to walk, and we can sightsee in it within 30 minutes on 890m in length.

Although south part in the main Okinawa island is flat ground, it consists of many limestone layers, and is a low number of rivers.
This geographical feature and the typhoon of summer had directed Okinawa to the dry-field farming of sugarcane or pineapple.



Naha City 

< Naha City >

I am surprised that this place has been developed much further, because I had traveled to it about 20 years ago once.
Here is a prefectural capital at the present day, and has been the center in Okinawa since a capital of Ryukyu Kingdom that has born in the 15th century.


Kokusai street, a public market

< Kokusai street, a public market >
The greatest tourist spot is Kokusai street that is the greatest shopping quarter.
Its scale is the same or more than Grand bazar in Istanbul or Namdaemun market in Seoul.
There are restaurants, souvenir shops and clothing stores on both sides of 1.6-km driveway in Kokusaistreet.
Furthermore, ten long shopping streets have been continuing from it.
A public market in it is the most interesting and we can experience there the Okinawa people's life.
We can taste Ryukyu, seafood, and Chinese food at a handy price on the second floor, where there are many restaurants.
I recommended it.

When I was walking Kokusai street, I looked many tourists of Taiwan or China.
Though there is a territorial issue between both countries, I thought that Okinawa is a familiar existence by both countries.

Next time, I introduced the Food of Okinawa.




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