Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something is strange. 18: the nuclear plant accident is all but forgotten. 1

 Transition of the advertising expenses of Tokyo Electric Power Company 

< a nuclear plant accident of Fukushima in Japan >

The issue is unanswered, and many nuclear plants become to start running.
Did the danger of the nuclear plant disappear? 
Even now the nuclear plant-related scandal continues.

What has occurred?  Let see it.

The big nuclear plant disaster occurred from the 1970s to the 80s in the world and Japan.
As a result, the Japanese opinion began to turn toward stopping nuclear plants.
However, the advertisement of mass media and our government was effective.
Until before the Tohoku earthquake disaster, national opinion became to promote the nuclear plant.
Then, the Kansai Electric Power came to depend on a nuclear power plant for the great portion of electric power.




Transition of the advertising expenses of Tokyo Electric Power Company 

< Transition of the advertising expenses of Tokyo Electric Power Company >

However, this situation differs from before.

People knew the danger and the problem markedly compared with before.

l       The damage of Fukushima is immense, and continues for a long period of time.

l       The corruption of the nuclear plant-relatedorganization continues even after the accident.

Ø         Disturbance of the nuclear plant accident investigation by the TEPC. 
Ø         A regulation committee leaked the contents of a report to the TEPC on ahead.
Ø         A series "nuclear fuel cycle abolition" of a journal was stopped by pressure of an electric power company.
Ø         A head director of Monju, Japan's fast breeder reactor, resigns for scandal hiding.
Ø         The counterargument of Kansai Electric Power Co. in a judging meeting about the active fault. Irrespective of incomplete investigation at the time of the construction.

l       The possibility of massive earthquakes or the eruption of volcanoes is increasing.



* 原発推進母体の腐敗や堕落は事故後も継続中です。


the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 

< the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake >

The danger of nuclear plant is much clear, so I wonder why it is promoted.

The following reasons are murmured in public.

A.      By forgetting many arduouspast, Japanese people's recovery is early.
B.      People ignore it with mental bias. The fearful thing will not happen. We are safe if we are together all.”
C.      Daily food is more important than future safety.
D.      It is safe if we leave it to the regulation committee or the government.
E.      The abolition will be impossible, because the magnitude of nuclear plant-related economic was huge and had much power interests.
F.       Since we chose the campaign pledge " I regain Japan", must give up other policy.

These may not be true reasons that we can neglect the problem of nuclear plant.

Next time is followed.



A. 日本人は物忘れが酷いが、立ち直りが早い長所がある。
B.     心理バイアスがかかり無視。「恐ろしいことは起こらない、皆と一緒であれば安心だ」
C.     いつ起きるかわからない先の事故より、今日の糧だ。
D.     規制委員会や政府に任せれば安心である。
E.     原発関連の経済規模は巨大で利権絡みもあり、廃止は無理だろう。
F.      ワンセットの公約「日本を取り戻す」を選んだのだから、他は諦めるしかない。



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