Monday, December 9, 2013

Travel to South Korean 4:  Pleasant meal

 1 a restaurant of Samgyeopsal 

  a restaurant of Samgyeopsal 
The greatest pleasure in the trip to Korea is a meal.
In particular, side dishes attached to main menu, such as Kimchi(Korean pickle) or Namul (seasoned vegetable dishes), are good.


2 a dinner of Samgyeopsal(meat has not yet come) 

  a dinner of Samgyeopsal(meat has not yet come) 
This menu roasts the ribs of pig with the griddle.
The meat was nice and the side dishes were also delicious.


3 Signboards of the restaurant 

  Signboards of the restaurant 
The restaurant was located in the center of Daegu and was full of local people.


4 a breakfast of Tarokuppa

  a breakfast of Tarokuppa  
This menu is local dishes of Daegu, and this Kuppa is separate boiled rice, and meat and vegetable soup.
Though it was weekdays, youths who had stayed up all night in this restaurant had breakfast.

4B the restaurant of Tarokuppa 

 B the restaurant of Tarokuppa  
There was the restaurant in the suburbs of Daegu.


5 a lunch of Andong Jiimdak

  a lunch of Andong Jiimdak 
Andong Jiimdak of local dish is chicken, vegetables, and thin noodles boiling with soy sauce and sugar.
Four persons had eaten dish of a big plate, and because there was much quantity, everyone left it.
The restaurant was near Andong Hahoe folk village.


6 a dinner of Bulgogi containing mushroom 

  a dinner of Bulgogi containing mushroom >
This pan is beef, vegetables, and vermicelli boiling with soy sauce.
These Side Dishes (dried seaweed, Kimchi, food boiled down in soy sauce, Namul, etc.) were full of delicacies and everyone wanted to have seconds.
The restaurant was located at the foot of Mt. Seoraksan.


7 a lunch of Dolsot Bibimbap 

  a lunch of Dolsot Bibimbap 
This is a staple dish in Korea.


7B  the restaurant of Dolsot Bibimbap

 B  the restaurant of Dolsot Bibimbap 
The restaurant in Seoul was full in the group of Japanese tourists.


8 a dinner of Haemul Jeongol(seafood pan)

  a dinner of Haemul Jeongol(seafood pan) 
This was the most delicious among the seafood pan that I ate so far.
This restaurant was full in the group of Japanese tourists, too.


9 Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market 

  Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market 
I and wife went to Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market in Soul to have a meal.
There were more than 700 stores selling fish and shellfish in the market.
We had bought a fish and some shellfishes, and we got it cooked in a dining room of the second floor (the photograph left hand).


10 stores in the market

 10 stores in the market 

11、12 the dish of the dining room 

11、12 the dish of the dining room 

 1112 the dish of the dining room 
I ordered the sliced raw fish “Sashimi”, and the roasted shellfishes.
The dining room used the remaining materials as the pan.
People of the stores did not understand what I said, but we ate delectably and were satisfied with relating to the local persons.


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