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History of sickness and medical art 15: Ancient Israel 1

 Jerusalem was destroyed in the sixth century B.C. and the peoples were transported to Babylon. 

< Jerusalem was destroyed in the sixth century B.C. and the peoples were transported to Babylon. >

From now on, we look at the medical art of ancient Israel.
This time, we look at ancient Israel having the rare history.


the ruins of a village in Jericho

< the ruins of a village in Jericho  

What is rare?
This nation was sandwiched between the vast desert and the sea, furthermore between two ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia.
World religion was not born of the both ancient civilizations, but Judaism and Christianity were born of this small nation.
Two ancient civilizations of China and India created each world religions.
Furthermore, the peoples lost the hometown and roamed around the world for 2000 years, and they again accomplished the founding of their nation in Palestine.
It was the Jewish nation, and Israel.                        


Levant's trade routes

< Levant's trade routes    >

What was there in this ground?
It was this hills part of Orient where human beings first settled down to grow crops and to keep animals.
The oldest place was Jericho in Palestine, and it dated back to 10000 years B.C.
Then, the shores of Palestine became the anchorages in where Egypt carries out maritime trade.
In its northern part, Phoenicia (Lebanon) became a base in order for Mesopotamia to go to the Mediterranean.
In this way, this Levant (shore of the eastern Mediterranean Sea) prospered in trade and became a place where many peoples come and go.

Some characters were created in Sinai Peninsula and Canaan at about the 15th century B.C. and it had derived from the hieroglyphic of Egypt.
It spread into Mesopotamia from Levant.
The most of today's alphabet were derived from this character.



< Assyria grew up to the huge empire  >

Though this small nation was bombarded with the both great nations that were antagonistic to each other, this nation was able to survive, because it was bounded by the vast desert and the ridge of the Great Rift Valley.
However, when the national power of Egypt declined, this nation received thorough destruction by Mesopotamia in the 8th century B.C., and Jewish Diaspora began.
Furthermore, in the first century, the Roman Empire conquered the Jewish revolt, and the Jew and the Christian broke up to the west.
The great achievement of Solomon Empire (B.C. 1000) completely was dissipated in this way.


power relationships of Levant in 830 B.C.: Israeli kingdom and Jewish kingdom were divided. There is Jericho at the north of Dead Sea.

< power relationships of Levant in 830 B.C.: Israeli kingdom and Jewish kingdom were divided. There is Jericho at the north of Dead Sea. >

What was left?
Palestine received repeated invasion, and the remained things became only ruins and Judaism.
From ancient times, the Jews played an active part in Orient by the culture and the language, and they found their way into Europe before long.
The Christianity that was displaced from Palestine found their way into Rome from Syria and Greece.
Jews who took a lead in Rome observed the doctrine rigidly, and it decided the outcome between Christian before long.
And the Old Testament and the New Testament became what communicate the history and the culture of ancient Israel, and it remained.


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