Sunday, September 8, 2013

We traveled from Nagano to Gifu. 2 : Shirakawa-go(village) 1


I introduced Shirakawa-go of the world heritage in Gifu Prefecture.
This is a mountain village of the unexplored region in where many old houses with A-frame remain.
The characteristic of the architecture with A-frame is the big triangle roof that is made of thatch.


Position of Shirakawa-go

< Position of Shirakawa-go >
Upper map: The upper side is the north, and Japan Sea can be seen. A red mark is Shirakawa-go.
Lower map:  it is viewing the yellow frame from north, by Google Earth.
The basin is sandwiched by two mountain ranges as much as 2,000m high, and heavy snow is brought from Japan Sea in winter.

上の地図: 上側が北で、日本海が見える。赤い点が白川郷
下の地図: 黄色い枠を北から見た。Google Earthによる 

A sightseeing map and a full view of Shirakawa-go

< A sightseeing map and a full view of Shirakawa-go
Old houses crowd in the small basin.
Many stores like old house are in line along both sides of a highway, and many tourists are enjoying the atmosphere of the mountain village.


< Shogawa is flowing through the side of the basin.  >


The rice plant and vegetables are planted in the narrow field around the old houses.
The living of a mountain village from several hundred years ago has been breathing here.


< A gate of the temple. The thatched gate is unusual. >

The Yahata Shinto shrine surrounded by gigantic tree. 

< The Yahata Shinto shrine surrounded by gigantic tree. >
Walking along the village, I felt unaccountable warmth.
Why were many large houses like this made in narrow arable that was completely isolated with mountains? 
May its reason be based on living in snow and a deep forest?

Next time, I introduce the inside of the architecture with A-frame, and the four seasons of the mountain village.
And I investigate a way of the living.



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