Saturday, September 14, 2013

We traveled from Nagano to Gifu. 4 :  Takayama

a streetscape

I introduce the traditional streetscape of Takayama city in Gifu Prefecture.
The festival and the early-morning market that are performed here are also famous.


a streetscape

< a streetscape >
Upper:  Many traditional buildings of shop, liquor store, and restaurant are saved.
Lower left:  The store of the beef dish in which we had the lunch.
Lower right: We rode on the man-pulled cart and did sightseeing the town.

上 : 街並み。江戸時代の商店、酒屋、料理屋のたたずまいが保存されています。
左下: 昼食で入った飛騨牛の料理屋。
右下: 人力車に乗って街巡り。

this river flows through in Takayama city 

< this river flows through in Takayama city >
Upper: The floats of the spring festival go. Several dolls that can do a witty move are attached to the floats.
lower left: Many fish swim in this clear stream.
lower right: Distant view from this river

上: 春祭りの山車が行く。複雑で軽妙な動きをするからくり人形が取り付けられている。
左下: この川を泳ぐ魚
右下: 宮川から望む

early-morning market 

< early-morning market >
Upper: A street of early-morning market 
Lower left:  Woodworks
Lower right:  Pickles
Many shops line upalong a riverside all morning.
The shops are very small and aunts are selling.

上: 朝市の通り。
左下: 飛騨の木工細工。
右下: 漬け物。


< supper >
We ate the supper of Japanese inn with the sunken hearth.
We roasted and ate a sweetfish, and a skewered rice-cake that was dipped in miso
I looked back at those days when I had visited my father hometown as a child.

This traveler's diary terminates in this.



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