Sunday, September 29, 2013

Awaji Island, a seashore of this morning of early autumn

 rising sun

In the morning of September 28, I went out to neighbor seashore after a long interval, and took this photograph.
A rising sun, a wave, fishermen, an angler, flowers pleased my eyes.


rising sun



fishermen are working

< fishermen are working >
If the fishermen attach the seeds of the laver to many white nets, and November comes, they put it on the sea surface of the offing.
The fishermen harvest it on the cold sea during April from January of the next year.


an angler of holiday

< an angler of holiday    >

Alpine roses blooming on the seashore

< Alpine roses blooming on the seashore    >

Recently, becoming cool in morning and evening, then the sky became complete blue.
It became a comfortable climate.


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