Monday, October 8, 2012

Misunderstanding of war 1: Introduction

A Chinese anti-Japan demonstration 、中国の反日デモ
< A Chinese anti-Japan demonstration >

This time, the territorial problem was revived between Japan, and China and South Korea.

The report that tells the situation of China and South Korea overflowed with the anti-Japanese sentiment.

Many attracted remarks in the domestic Internet were very exclusive.

On the other hand, there are many indifferent people overwhelmingly.

This made me worry about war.

By this series, I want to reduce the misunderstanding of war as much as possible.





The South Korean President lands at Takeshima( island)、竹島上陸

< The South Korean President lands at Takeshima( island). >

On the Internet, the voice to which Japanese people blame Chinese people and South Koreans strongly stood out about the problem of Takeshima Island and the Senkaku Islands.

They commonly do not know the history or culture of a partner country, then they will have an antipathy.

They almost do not know that Japan did to South Korea or China for half a century, or misunderstand it to suit themselves.

In that context, it can be said that the textbook of a Japanese school is inducing a lack of understanding.

Although some facts are described, Japanese students cannot understand the reason that peoples of the partner country is indignant by only the contents.

Furthermore, from 20 years ago, the argument that there was not aggression of Japan began to cover mass media.

Naturally, this tendency is comfortable for many Japanese.
However, when this is neglected, the mutual hate will increase, it will cause the confrontation finally.









Dispute of the Senkaku Islands 、尖閣諸島の紛争
< Dispute of the Senkaku Islands >

This series aims at the following things.

    We squarely face the unhappy history of Japan, South Korea, and China , and should understand a partner's anger.
    Why do the war start, and why do it expand, and why can't we stop it?  We look at it

    How does war ruin people's heart and how does war make people arouse the combative spirit?  We look at it

    How does war cause a miserable and immense loss?  We look at it
    Finally we look at the new method of solving conflict.  

Next time, it starts with war of Japan and Korea next time.





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