Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introduce the southern end of Awaji Island

The other day, l went to National Park Resort Minami Awaji in the south of Awaji Island.
My purpose was to lunch and go in a hot springs.
Because of fine weather, the sky and the bay of midsummer shone in deep blue, and were beautiful.


Naruto whirlpools , swirling (ocean) current

< Naruto whirlpools >
This whirlpool in the Naruto Strait is one of the largest in the world.
The greatest diameter reaches as many as 30m.


hotel,National Park Resort Minami Awaji

< hotelNational Park Resort Minami Awaji >
We will be able overlooking the bay on the east side from this restaurant, and the Naruto Strait on the west from thermal baths.


the bay from this restaurant

< the bay from this restaurant

 fishing boat 、 

< a fishing boat goes back and forth >
A big and small ship leaves a white track and it crosses.


National Park Resort Minami Awaji,,thermal baths

< thermal baths
There is an open-air bath on the right side of the large bath in the room.


the Naruto Strait from thermal baths

< the Naruto Strait from thermal baths >

the Naruto Strait、 sunset 、 open-air bath

< the Naruto Strait of a sunset from an open-air bath >

Ōnaruto Bridge, Whirlpools

< Ōnaruto Bridge >

An endless number of Whirlpools occur under the bridge of this length 1600m.


 sightseeing boat , whirlpools, Naruto Straits

< sightseeing boat

This is the ship see the whirlpools.


The grace of delicious sea, Naruto Strait, Tai (sea bream), Hugu (puffer fish), Hamo (sharp-toothed eel), and Wakame

< The grace of delicious sea >
The grace of delicious sea can be taken from this bay and the Naruto Straits.
Famous things are Tai (sea bream), Hugu (puffer fish), Hamo (sharp-toothed eel), and Wakame (a kind of seaweed).


 delicious sea , Japanese food, seafood

< The grace of delicious sea >
It is an example of Japanese food that uses seafood.
Though regrettable, I am not eating this time.

Please spend this summer happily and energetically.


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