Friday, September 14, 2012

 I was impressed in the morning of Füssen.

I traveled Germany late in October.

At this time, I encountered the spectacle that I did not expect.

It was a calm morning of the pasture that spreads at the foot of the Alps.




夕焼け,Füssen, little sunset

<  Phot.1 go to Füssen, little sunset  >

This is on the way to Füssen famous for the swan castle in southern Germany.

Rain is likely to get down at any moment, but evening glow could be seen in the distance.

It will be fine tomorrow.

On the morning of the next day, I and my wife got up at 5:00, and went for the walk toward the lake.
The neighborhood was pitch-black and covered a thick fog that blew by the vaporizer.
All around was pitch-dark and we ware covered with a deep fog.

We walked along the way of grazing land in faint moonlight.

At that time the sound of the bell could be heard in the distance.

It was the bell attached to the head of some cattle.

Each pitch-black farmhouse began to light an electric light. 

The town became at the time of waking.










<  Phot.2  sunrise  >

3,早朝の城,a castle,sunrise, Füssen

<  Phot.3  sunrise, a castle in the distance  >

4,早朝の街路樹,sunrise,  roadside tree,Füssen

<  Phot.4  sunrise,  roadside tree  >

5,朝の山並み,morning, the Alps , Füssen

<  Phot.5  morning, the Alps   >

6,放牧の朝,morning, the Alps , Füssen ,cattle grazing

<  Phot.6  morning, cattle grazing  >

The sky begins to turn bright soon. The first is the phot.2.

Time that I had taken the photograph (from 2 to 6) was within one hour.

The grass of the pasture, the snowcapped mountains, the trees, and the sky changed tone every moment.

The air changed from the thing containing humidity to fresh cool.

Swan castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein ) is found small white to the center of a hillside in the photographs 3 and 6.

The photograph 7 is a town of Füssen.

The photograph 8 is the lake where I went to the walk.

7,町並み,,morning, the Alps , Füssen ,town

<  Phot.7   a town of Füssen  >

8,遠景, Füssen ,lake

<  Phot.8   the lake where I went to the walk  >

I was able to feel the breath of the exotic life through the walk of night and a morning.







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