Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beautiful red leaves :Autumn in Japan

鎌池、Kama pond , trees

<P.1  Kama  pond : from between the trees at the edge of the pond

The representative of autumn in Japan are beautiful red leaves. At the end of October 2010, I visited the Shinshu (Nagano Prefecture). I would like to give you the impression.
案内地図,Location of photography, map

< P.2  Location of photography : the red frame of the left map>

Although I was going to enjoy the scenery of autumn at the 6 places. It was only three places. I first visited the Takase dam lake is a deep mountain valley . Because it was light rain, the photo are dark.  P.,Thing has spread to one side is a myriad of white rock has been flowing from upstream. A light blue lake can be seen in the back. P.,Recently, snow fell on the ground is visible.

高瀬渓谷,Takase Valley, Takase lake, suspension bridge

< P. Takase Valley : a look at the Takase lake from the suspension bridge  >

高瀬渓谷、Takase Valley 、 lake

< P.4 Takase Valley : around the lake >

This time, Kama pond was the most wonderful. We went up the narrow road to a high place by a microbus. On the way, surrounding mountains were autumnal leaves exactly. The green of evergreens and white snow were mixed and it was playing beautiful harmony. Kama pond is small, was filled with red and yellow autumn leaves. I walked over the snow around the pond.

鎌池、Kama pond,

P.5 Kama pond from the other side of the pond 

Siraike pond is low altitude, the snow was not. This pond is surrounded by birch trees around. it was a pond suitable for a walk. Here is not brilliant, but was serene autumn. Gust of wind blew. It has caused ripples on the surface of the lake.

白池、Shiro pond

P.6 Shiro pond

Final photo was taken from a bus to go home. We thoroughly enjoyed the autumn.


P.7 sunset

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