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A background of the nuclear plant accident 3: Is there reliability?

大飯原発、nuclear power plant, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

< a nuclear power plant in Oicho, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
They had publicly said before the accident, "The nuclear plant is an absolute safety.”
But the people who related to the nuclear power plant cannot be relied upon.
We see about synthetic reliability of the nuclear power plant.


活断層,active fault,Fukui Prefecture, Japan,seismic source

< active fault 
The problem of the nuclear power plant industry
The criticality accident occurred in Tokaimura, Japan in 1999, when some workers were doing work to dissolve 2.4 kg of uranium with a portable bucket.
The damage of the accident became two-person death, 700 bomb victims, 310,000 staying indoors persons, and the claimable amount may become from 60 billion yen to 15 billion yen.
This operation was main work of this company, a possibility of nuclear explosion (criticality), and occurred clearly in slipshod work site.
At this time, the head of the accident-analysis committee has stated.
“All direct causes are in a worker's act, and the worker's deviance only should be blamed.”
Another piping damage accident occurred since the position of a fastening plate was not regular, and they also were considering it as the trifling attachment mistake.
On the other hand, they supposed the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster happened by the low-level human error, and presupposed that it is never thought in Japan.
Here are two problems.
They thought that if a worker carries out it with regular procedures, there is no accident.
The accident of high frequency has denied it. 
The accident of nuclear explosion (criticality) is beyond man's control.
In the nuclear power plant disaster of Tokaimura and Fukushima, only desperate field operation enabled the end.
Naturally the automatic safeguard is not helpful, they must operate it in the killer radiation that they cannot interrupt and cannot watch.
The accident of Tokaimura occurred 34 years after the first nuclear power plant started.
Therefore, the reliability of the organization and people is remarkably inferior.




1000トン用振動台,The vibration table, 1000 tons

< The vibration table for 1000 tons 

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan

The Atomic Energy Society is writing their idea over an accident to the report magazine at five months after the Fukushima accident.
「・・the economic damage was equal to  the national budget・・ We must be determined to do it.・・・
 as the emergency happened beyond expectation, we escape from it…・・・we forsake the result of efforts, I do not think it wise to depend on alternative energy at a stretch.・・」
Height 15 m tsunami beyond consumption of 5 m attacked the nuclear power plant.・・we need to improve the tsunami height to assume.・・the tsunami height which should be assumed is not the maximum height which can be considered, it is the tsunami height assumed on a design.・・」
I feel anger for this comment.
Since they will prepare a rule beyond expectation and are going to still escape responsibility.
While they know the size of the damage, they prepare still a tsunami height that is beyond expectation and want to escape responsibility.



コンピューターシミュレーション、oscillating simulation

< oscillating simulation by a computer, red placeare dangerous on a containment vessel >
The proper authorities and a government

The Nuclear Safety Commission consists of 390 scholars who teach at university.
They have no authority of a supervisor and have no responsibility.
The electric power company that constructs the nuclear power plantonly conducts investigation of an earthquake and tsunami.
Also the company does it after the site location was decided.
The active fault of the seismic source attracted attention 20 years after the first nuclear power plant started.
Once this country said that a nuclear power plant did not build on an active fault.
However, when things were discovered, the prime minister said in Parliament at 2008.
I cannot say that it is unsuitable only since a nuclear power plant is on an active fault.
This is a very irresponsible utterance.

Next time you see about the peculiarity of a nuclear power plant disaster.



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