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Birth of primitive art 1: What does it mean?

ビーナス像 Venus statue,  About 25000 years before  primitive art

< Venus statue,  About 25000 years before

It was explained by "the origin of mind" how the humankind’s mind was born from space birth to the present age.
Two epoch-making in the evolution of humankind’s mind are the erect posture and family birth
It is explained by description from 12 to 14 in the series.
A primitive art of the glacial epoch that continues after that is important similarly.
Subsequent to it, the farming revolution, city revolution, and mental revolution are generated.
This series explains the primitive art that humankind first started at about 30,000 years ago in Europe.


シューヴェ洞窟壁画 Chauvet Cave painting,  32000 years ago primitive art

< Chauvet Cave painting,  About 32000 years ago >

Why is this primitive art important? These features are enumerated.

1.        This design was the first thing on the earth.
2.        These art activities started suddenly. And 15,000 years continue and there is much the quantity.
3.        There are development progress and local culture in the pictures and statue.
4.        We can feel the symbolism, the narrative, and the realism in the art objects.
5.        The humankind (Cro-Magnon man) that already was born made them.
6.        It was performed in Europe of the arctic cold of a glacial epoch.

なぜこの原始美術が重要なのか? この特徴を列挙します。

1.        このデザインは地球上最初のものであった。
2.        突如として芸術活動が始まり、1万5000年間も続き、その量は多い。
3.        その絵画や彫像には発展経過と地域的な文化性がある。
4.        その造形物から象徴性、物語性、写実性を感じることが出来る。
5.        既に誕生していた現世人類(クロマニヨン)がその担い手であった。
6.        それは氷河期の極寒のヨーロッパで行われた。

振り返るバイソン,a bison looks over one's shoulder,  15000 years ago,primitive art

< a bison looks over one's shoulder,  About 15000 years ago  >

In this period, there were very important on the history of humankind's mind.

1.  Unlike a tool and dwelling till now, the art objects did not satisfied his physiological demand
2.  It shows that new intelligence (art, religion, natural history, technical intelligence and those integrated capability) was born.
3.  It did not happen in other areas. And it happened just during the glacial epoch.

The social behavior of the altruistic behavior and the family love that were obtained by evolution differed from the new intelligence greatly.


1.        それまでの道具や住居とは異なり、何ら生理欲を満足させない物が作られた。
2.        それは新しい知能(芸術、宗教、博物学、技術的知能とそれらの統合能力)が誕生したことを示している。
3.        他の地域では起こらず、また氷河期だけに呼応することとなった。


addaura洞窟壁画,Addaura Cave painting, 10000 years ago,primitive art

< Addaura Cave painting, About 10000 years ago >

The art objects show that the intelligence became highly efficient much more.
On the other hand, considering that a period for the mutation was very short and the place was restricted, we can think the society would make the intelligence.
These art activities were the beginning of the history of mind by the first society and culture.
If we understand it well, we can very know that humankind's mind was influenced by the society.
Furthermore, we can understand what is the important element of the society

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