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Went around Croatia and Slovenia 20: Kotor 2

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 20: コトル2

< 1. The Clock Tower(1602) in open space where we just went through “the Sea gate” (the 16th century) >
< 1. 「海の門」を入った所の広場にある時計塔、1602年建築 >

I introduce the Kotor in the castle wall today.
It was a small town, but there was the feature of a harbor city that lived to the Middle Ages from the ancient times in here.


< 2.  Heraldic emblems >
< 2. 紋章 >
Upper photo:  This Kotor emblem is put on the wall surface of a fortress in the right side of "the Sea gate"
Dower photo:  This emblem is put on an entrance of a former noble’s palace, and was built in 1776.

上の写真: 「海の門」の右にある要塞のコトル紋章。
下の写真: 元貴族の宮殿の入口上にある紋章、1776年建築。

< 3.  The clock tower and the square >
< 3. 時計塔と広場 >
Upper photo:  We are going through “ the Sea gate”
Central photo:  The expansion of the castle wall rounding the mountain behind Kotor.
This castle wall is the total length 4.5 km, and the altitude reaches up to 260 m, the biggest high is 20 m, and the thickness is 2-16 m.

Lower photo:  “ the Square of Arms” is main town square.

上の写真: 「海の門」を入ったところ。
中央の写真: 山の城壁部分を拡大。

下の写真: 「武器の広場」。

< 4. Churches >
< 4. 教会 >
There are 14 churches in Kotor.

Upper photo:  St. Tryphon Cathedral was built in 1166.
Central photo:  Serbian Orthodox church of St. Nicholas was built in 1909.
I entered inside, but I was impressed by the sacredness, and I couldn’t take the picture.
Many icons were displayed.

Lower photo:  This bell tower of church was built in 1221 on fundaments of the old Christian Episcopal basilica from the sixth century.


上の写真: 聖トリファン大聖堂、1166年建築。
中央の写真: 聖ニコラス教会、1909年建築。

下の写真: 6世紀建築の古代キリスト教バシリカの上に建てられた教会の鐘楼、1221年建築。

< 5.  St. Luka Church was built in 1195  >
< 5.聖ルーカ教会、1195年  >
It is an Orthodox church.

Lower photo:  The backside of this church is older than the front side.


下の写真: 教会の後ろ側で、正面より古い時代の建築です。

< 6.  The inside of St. Luka Church >
< 6. 聖ルーカ教会の内部 >
It was a very small church, but we were able to look at many icons and crosses.
There was a mosaic fresco of religious painting that was considerably damaged, too.
I saw Orthodox Churches that I had expected in this trip, and I think I smelled a fragrance of the Byzantine culture.


7.  The other scenes >
7.  町中の光景 >
A top photo:  The marine museum was a former palace that was built in 1732.
一番上の写真: 海洋博物館、元宮殿、1732年建築。

About Kotor

This city has been appointed to a world heritage for a history inheritance, and became a anchorage site of many Cruise ships because scenic.
This harbor city began the Roman Empire period, was governed by Byzantine and the north race.
And it allied with Ragusa republic (Dubrovnik), or contended against it at one stage.
The present cityscape and castle wall almost were formed during Venice rule period of the 15-18th century, and it experienced two times of Ottoman rule and earthquakes in the meantime.
At the time of World War I, this port became full of the warships of the Austria-Hungary Empire.
This Montenegro was desperately struggling between the large countries of the north and south during 2000, too.

This continues next time.



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