Sunday, June 23, 2013

False rumor, prejudice, blind spots 3 : Authority of the scholar

This time, I introduce the result that persons believed authority of the scholar blindly.

Once, there was an economic theory that was considered as epoch-making.

President Reagan in the United States adopted supply-side economics in the 1980's.
At that time, the government declared that only the tax-cut for enterprise enabled the economic upturn and the decrease of prices.
It was impressive that they have explained the reason with an easy graph( Laffer curve).      




Laffer curve 

< Laffer curve >
At that time, mainstream scholars seem to have considered it to be fishy.
As a result, a big deficit arose in both finance and the trade. (Though circumstances might be complex.)
The target that President Reagan said, ” US economy is revived”, was achieved by another president after 15 years.


In the past, there were a lot of scholars who declared, "The nuclear power plant is safe".

Before the nuclear power plant disaster happened in Fukushima, the approval or disapproval for the nuclear power plant had overheated on an online bulletin board.

Disapproval: “Because a nuclear container is not equipped with exhaust vent, it is dangerous.”
Approval: “Because the steam explosion won't occur, the vent is unnecessary.”
He quoted from a book that a scholar of the University of Tokyo had written.
In addition, he wrote that the person who did not understand the remarkable scholar's explanation must become silent.




The steam explosion of the nuclear reactor occurred, as you knew.

The description of the book was as follows.
“Because several measures to prevent the steam explosion are executed, the probability of the accident is a rare case. Therefore, the vent might be unnecessary.”
It means that the occurrence of unexpected accident is no safety.

We are made to learn how it is difficult to judge it correctly.
Although it cannot be called a lie, we are easy to misunderstand it. 

We don’t believe it blindly, must catch common sensibly, and gain insight into the deviationism.





私達は, それらを盲信せず常識的に捉え、偏向を見抜くことです。

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