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The society and the information 24:  Wonder of brain and nerves 2


< 1. brain 

We look at an information system of sense and movement in brain.


 the function of brain

< 2.  the function of brain >

The splendid control system

For example, I assume you lift a boiling kettle.
You touch the handle with confirming it by eyes, and lift it along with grasping so that it may not incline.
At this time, the motion of the hand and the arm were continuously controlled with the feedback control of hot water quantity in the kettle, or an incline of it.
When you touched the heated handle of the kettle, at once you will let go of your hold on it.
If you are carrying it, you will carry it to the neighborhood with being prepared for your burn. 
At this time, the former was a reflex reaction before going into your brain.
As for the latter, the advanced processing was done in brain, because you will suffer a big burn in your feet, when you let go of your hold on it.
Probably, when being holding the kettle, even if someone speaks to you, you will be able to complete also the work while talking.


a flow of the information processing 

< 3. a flow of the information processing >

* The input information is processed at multiple levels in a number of cerebral fields.
On the other hand, as for an emergency and everyday repetition movement, it is performed reflectively before going to the brain.

* Much control is carried out without being conscious, and if needed, you can do it consciously. 


our brain leaving a trace of the evolution 

< 4.  our brain leaving a trace of the evolution >

Structure of our brain from the point of view of the evolution

The reason why the brain is controlled at multiple levels is related to the evolution of a living thing.
As shown in above picture, human beings' brain becomes large so that some functions are added, and its whole came to unite.
The fishes that have an old brain as the evolution react almost reflexively to sensory information.
In the reptiles, the sensory information came to unite a little, and then in old sort mammals, emotional control (anger, sympathy) was added on it.
In new sort mammals that a cerebral cortex developed, a large number of advanced processing fields combined together, and in human beings, thought and consciousness were added on it.



This multistory feedback control was indispensable to the brain that enables quick accurate action.
However, there are two problems also in the system born by this evolution.

*The nerves to inform the early abnormalities (cancer, mental disease) in the brain or the internal organs are insufficient.

* As for being controlled automatically in the brain, conversely, for us, it is difficult to notice the mistake or the defect, and to correct it consciously.

This is similar about the information system of our society and organization.
By ourselves, we must cope with the expansion of community scale (globalization), and the progress of information media (the Internet).

Next time, we look at a wonder and a danger of the information processing of the brain.





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