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Something is strange. 24 : Whose is the patent? 3

Edison and light bulb

< Edison and light bulb >

I consider what role the patent right should play for the economic activation.

The hint was in an economic history of the world.

Having observed an economic tide, the economic development became possible just when civic rights were secured.
The personal proprietary rights, such as land ownership, property right, patent right, are the examples.
Some personal proprietary rights have advanced from ancient Roman times.
The Industrial Revolution of Britain is a fine example that patent right acted on effectively.
Conversely, it may be said that the communist state collapsed by depriving the people of personal proprietary rights.



Moscow citizens who confront coup d'etat in 1991 

< Moscow citizens who confront coup d'etat in 1991 >

In Europe of the 19th century, previous privileged industrial restrictions were abolished, liberalized incorporated company became popular, and accomplished industrialization.
In the Edo Period of Japan, merchant guilds were similarly abolished to decrease prices.
The upgrading of legal systems is indispensable for the activation of economy and industry like this.

The conclusion: Completely taking the patent rights from the employees is sure to move the economic activation backward.

Japan is still eager in the preservation of the vested interest and the existing system.
The tendency moves the government backward.
Through the accumulation of these policies, Japan’s economy has stagnated more and more.

19 世紀のヨーロッパは、それまでの特権的な産業規制を廃止し、自由化された株式会社が定着し、工業化を成し遂げた。


I show how the patent leads to economic activation.

In order for Japanese economy to escape from a long slump, current reflationary policy is also required, but the rise of new industry is more indispensable.
"The exit strategy and the fiscal reconstruction are necessary,” this phrase that was pointed out with this G8 mean that the reflationary policy is a temporary policy.



G8 summit 

< G8 summit >

Major manufacturing industry in Japan became the de-industrialization, and Japan is changing to development center.
All the developed countries reduced the ratio of the manufacturing industry, and Japan will not be able to overturn it by temporary weak yen.
Therefore, Japan government makes a system that gives employees the distribution of revenue from the patent, and it should rouse the invention will.
Moreover, it is necessary to leave the individual the patent rights, and to promote the birth of the venture company.

This is very backward in Japan.

Next time is the last of the patent.




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