Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A wonderful place, Okinawa 1 : A cape and a karst mountain

at Daisekirin mountain from Hedo cape

< I looked at Daisekirin mountain from Hedo cape. It is distant place left-hand side. >

I traveled through Okinawa and looked at main tourist resorts in early April.
Although it was overcast weather, my travel was very comfortable.
I will introduce the nature and sightseeing of main Okinawa island.


a map is main Okinawa island.

< A red frame is main Okinawa island. A right frame is the enlargement. A black frame is roughly Okinawa prefecture region. A yellow frame is the place that I introduce this time.

An east-west width of Okinawa Prefecture is about 1000 km, and it consists of islands of 160.
The maximum distance in a straight line of main Okinawa island is 107 km.
It is a subtropical climate since it closes on Taiwan.
In ancient times, Okinawa was a maritime state.
Right now, it is a leisure island of the tropical and a lot of military base.
It is wonderful and mysterious.


Hedo cape

Hedo cape

< Hedo cape

When I stood on the cape, I felt a little lonely like standing on the farthest edge.
The plants had covered barely the ground generated by coral reef.


Daisekirin mountain

Daisekirin mountain

banyan tree 

< Karst landscape, The strangely shaped rocks in Daisekirin mountain and banyan tree >

Here remains well a subtropical jungle even in the main Okinawa island, and it is called Yanbaru.
anyan tree and cycad had grew up among sharped limestone, it gave me an impressed of being the tropical zone.


the view of Hedo cape from the summit

The summit continued into the far distance.

< the view of Hedo cape from the summit.  The summit continued into the far distance. >

In a myth of Ryukyu, this mountain was a sacred spot that God came down first.
There were many Utaki of small shrine throughout the mountain, and it had been made by setting some stones.
Since this area is made of a huge base rock, it is unsuitable to grain cultivation. But the cultivation of pineapple etc. is performed.
The line of coral reef that has foamed up white waves was running in parallel to the seashore.

Truly, it was an island of the tropical, and it gave me the impression of ancient Ryukyu.

Next time, I look at nature of central part in the main Okinawa island.




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