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Misunderstanding of war 8: the Vietnam War 2

 べトナム戦争、the Vietnam War

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In the Vietnam War, both countries repeated big misunderstanding.

While both leaders started the war and the damage was expanded, why didn't they notice that?

The heads of that time of the U.S. army and the North Vietnam army gathered in one spot.

This time, we learn the cause from the meeting of the reflection on the war.

This meeting was done in 1997, and it was 22 years in postwar days.

Former Defense Secretary McNamara who advanced the Vietnam War under President Kennedy requested meeting to Vietnam.

Their remark was filled to sincerity.

The contents of this meeting are written to "why did we fight? ".

I make some extract from this book, and introduce.










 本の表紙、why did we fight? 、我々はなぜ戦争をしたのか

< "why did we fight? " >

Situation judgment of those days

Misunderstanding of the U.S.:  If the action of Vietnam is allowed, the communist power will occupy the Indo-China whole region. North Vietnam and Viet Cong do not aim at independence movement. But rather they are manipulated by China, and aim at the communist revolution.

The opinion of Vietnam: we have fought for our independence for a long time and if we lost the independence means a slave. Export of communist revolutions is not considered. We do not desire export of communist revolutions.

Misunderstanding of Vietnam The U.S. refused all of our democratic independent state construction, and supported the unjust puppet government. Although we expected the U.S. at first, it turned out immediately that you were an aggressor.

The opinion of the U.S.: We desire the democracy and have not taken the colonial policy.

The history of the Vietnam War shows that the opinion of both countries is true. After all, the reason for the outbreak of war was perfect misunderstanding. When knowing the partner's history and society mutually,both countries may be able to read real intention each other . One who knows the Vietnam situation well were not even in the White House of a major nation.

There may be some persons who still believe that communization prevention was attained by that the U.S. soldier died in the Vietnam War. However, it is certain that “misunderstanding” is just a reason for a war start.



ベトナムの誤解: 米国は我々の民主的な独立国家建設をすべて拒み、非道な傀儡政権を支援した。最初、我々は米国に期待していたが、すぐに侵略者だとわかった。




McNamara and  Kennedy  、マクナマラとケネディー

< McNamara and  Kennedy  >
Some misunderstandings

Misunderstanding of Vietnam Although Chairman Ho Chi Minh of ours sent the letter which desires friendship to President Tallman in 1945 years, you ignored it

The opinion of the U.S.: We did not know well Vietnam those days. Naturally, Mr. Ho Chi Minh was not known. We did not ignore him.

Misunderstanding of the U.S.:  We feared communization of Asia very much. Why didn't you explain more the de-Communization to us?

The opinion of Vietnam We had already fought in the jungle for 15 years. That We know was only France, and didn’t know such a thing.

Misunderstanding of the U.S. In 1965, the our President couldn’t decide the right or wrong of the war. Then, we carried out to an inspection of Vietnam. Just at the moment, you attacked our main base and about 100 persons died. You indicated, "There is no intention of surrendering against the United States". Then, we advised the President the bombing-of-North-Vietnam start immediately.

The opinion of Vietnam: One commander dogmatically ordered that attack. Only 30 persons' unit attacked The South Vietnam army. We did not know that there was an American investigating commission there. It is not a fact.



米国の誤解: 我々はアジアの共産化を非常に恐れていた。我々になぜ非共産化を説明しなかったのか。

ベトナムの主張 私達は以前に15年もジャングルに籠もって闘っていたのです。知っているのはフランスぐらいです。そんなこと知るわけがない。

米国の誤解 1965年、大統領は戦争をすべきか迷っていた。それで私達がベトナムの視察に行った。ちょうどその日にあなた方は我々の拠点基地を攻撃し、100名近くが負傷した。あなた方は「アメリカに屈服するつもりなどない」と意志表示した。それで直ちに我々は北爆開始を大統領に進言した。


Also after this, much mistakes come out further, each enemy's intentions are misunderstood mutually, and the unripe diplomatic skill of Vietnam, and a belief of the U.S. that Vietnam is intimate with China.

Without knowing an enemy, each heads began war easily and expanded it.

This meeting brought about the wonderful result. It taught us what is required in order for us not to cause any war.




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