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Birth of primitive art 5 : the last Brightness of cave art

 シャーマン,Trios Freres cave、shaman 

< fig.1、Trios Freres caveshaman >

This time, we look at the wonderful arts in the last of glacial epoch Europe.
These were in the fate that disappears suddenly soon.

At first, it is the Altamira cave (about 14500 years ago) in Spain.
It is close to a sea and is on a gently sloping karsts hill (altitude 160 m.).



 アルタミラ大天井,the big roof

< fig., the big roof >

 バイソン,a bison

< fig.3, a bison >

The mural paintings were concentrated in the big roof fig.2 (entering the entrance of fig.4, immediately left-hand side).There were pictures of 25 animals drew with red, black and brown.
The pictures were many bisons, deer, wild boar, horse and a person like shaman.
The stereoscopic effect and reality of bison fig.3 are increasing by many colors, gradation and shadow processing.
This is the highest level of Old-Stone-Age pictures.
It is presumed that one author drew the all pictures of the big roof, and the cave had been managed together.
Probably, the bison that emerge in abysmal darkness by a swinging torch may seem to be alive completely.



 ,アルタミラ洞窟,Altamira Cave

< fig.4Altamira CaveThe lower left is an entrance. full length 270 m, Spain >

The first Peoples came to the cave about 19000 years ago.
The People did not live inside the cave (fig.4), but dug the hole in the cave entrance, and were making it the dumping ground.
Because of the thrown-away bone, it turned out that rich woods and many hunting animals were in the circumference of the cave.
The drawing animals accord with the hunting animals.

It seems that the peoples repeatedly used the cave as a meeting place during the long period.
Various small groups came and went the vast domain between France and Spain.



 ,トナカイと魚,reindeer and fish

< fig.5reindeer and fish

2頭のバイソン,Two bisons

< fig.6Two bisonsfull length 61cm in right-hand side

We look at other distinctive arts from an old thing.
Fig. 5 is a developed figure of commanding sticks was made of hartshorn. This was found in Lortet cave of 17000 years ago in France.
There are a reindeer of right edge looks back, and the legs of two reindeers before it.
And the four salmons seem to poke the deer from the bottom under the legs.
Probably, this drew the spectacle in which a group of reindeer just has been going across a river to which the salmons have been ascending.

They caught the moment that they excited most. The vigorous figure was expressed by simple line engraving.

Fig. 6 shows the relief that was made of clay on the floor in Tuc d'audoubert cave of 15000 years ago in France.
One pair of bison at last minute copulation was expressed.
Fig.1 was a cop of mural painting in Trois Freres cave of 15000 years ago in France. This cave connected with the above-mentioned cave.
It is visible to shaman who imitated the figure of a deer, or the personified person.



 線刻画,line drawing carved into the rock in Addaura cave 

 < fig.7、 line drawing carved into the rock in Addaura cave >

Fig. 7 shows the line drawing carved into the rock of about 10000 years ago in Addaura cave of Italy.
Eight persons become a round ring and dance around two lying persons in the picture.
Strangelythe dancers are wearing the mask to which a beak attached. Two persons of middle are bind a head and a leg with a rope, and their penis is rising up.
This is associated with the scene of a sacrifice.

In those days, did the ceremony that wore mask already start?

I will tell the perspective of cave arts next time.




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