Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Travel to Turkey 5: Hierapolis

 Hercules’s face?

< 1. Hercules’s face? >

I introduce Hierapolis in the upper part of Pamukkale that I introduced last time.
This is a remains of city of Rome.


in Hierapolis

< 2.  in Hierapolis >


In this city, buildings had formed into line on the hillside extending across a width of 1 km and a depth of 800 m, and 100,000 people were living.
It was founded by Roman at first and prospered till Byzantine Empire after.
However, big earthquakes attacked this city several times and people achieved the rebuilding each time, but, at the end, it was abandoned in the 14th century.


Pamukkale and a reconstruction of Hierapolis 

< 3.  Pamukkale and a reconstruction of Hierapolis 

A blue frame is my photo spot of Pamukkale and a red frame is it of Hierapolis.
The place where the blue frame and the red frame cross is an old large bath.
Lime of hot spring flowing from here produced Pamukkale.
The upper part of the red frame is a large theater.
The left big open space is a big agora.


 I looked up at Hierapolis from Pamukkale side

< 4.  I looked up at Hierapolis from Pamukkale side >
There is a large theater at the right-hand back, and it is one of reconstructed building most.
From the central part right, there are Nymphaeum(fountain), Plutonium(cave), and Temple of Apollon.
Poisonous gas came out from this cave, and priest used it skillfully and prophesied.
The same thing was performed also in ancient Greece.


 large theater :  the stage and seats

< 5.  large theater :  the stage and seats  
Because the sightseeing time of this ruin was short, I ran a slope up until the large theater of the upper part.
I was overwhelmed in the big size and steep grade when I stood at a top of the theater shakily on my feet.


I look the stag of the theater from out side 

< 6.  I look the stag of the theater from out side  >
I took close look at the stage of the theater for the first time, and it was splendid.


 I looked down from the theater

< 7.  I looked down from the theater >
When I stood in the ruins, in contrast with the gorgeous white lime shelf, I seemed to hear the din of the ancient times.


flowers in Hierapolis 

< 8.  flowers in Hierapolis >
This red flowers bloomed everywhere in the ruins.


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