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History of sickness and medical art 2:  Start of the cure 1

 a heart was pictured in an elephant's picture, 25000 years ago, Cueva del Pindal in spain

< a heart was pictured in an elephant's picture, 25000 years ago, Cueva del Pindal in spain

Since the creation of life, there were the sicknesses together with creatures.
On the other hand, the cure and the care developed together with the evolution of the creatures.
We look at the process of older period than modern humans.

Neanderthal also was taking care of fellows.

A male human bone of nearly 40 years old of only one eye and one hand was found in Shanidar cave of 30000 years ago in Iraq.
Probably, these obstacles were things from young times.
Therefore, if there were not care and offer of food from his family or fellow, he was not able to live.
In addition, about 1.7 million years ago in Kenya of Africa, though a Homo erectus had suffered from the excessive vitamin A syndrome, he was alive for a while.
This also had the possibility of caring for the sickness.
The example of curing the man ape is not found.




a burial by Neanderthal in Shanidar cave

< a burial by Neanderthal in Shanidar cave >

The chimpanzee in the jungle of Africa cures the sickness.

Occasionally, they chew at the stem of a very bitter grass that they don’t eat always, and drink the sap.
His diarrhea and stomachache will disappear within two days after the feeding.
According to an inspection of the plant, it has become clear that it has an antibacterial action and an intestinal parasite has an effect.



He is chewing at a stem of the grass to get rid of the parasitic worms.

< He is chewing at a stem of the grass to get rid of the parasitic worms. >

Moreover, occasionally, they swallow slowly without biting about tens of scabrous leaves.
Living parasitic worms were found in his defecation after several hours.
They have noticed the abnormality in their intestines, and they select and are executing an appropriate therapeutic procedure.

As they get into line with several fellows and face each other, they perform each other’s grooming.
This mainly is to remove parasitic worms or its eggs that adhered to their hair and skin.
They repair itchy places that are beyond the reach of a partner by using the finger and the mouth.
The repaired person seems pleasant, and may show the beginning of the healing.




< grooming >

It sometimes happens that they lick to take the dust of partner’s eye with a tongue.
They mutually guess other party's health and are giving care and cure.
Such behavior plays a big role in the appeasement of the group.

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