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Something is strange. 20: What of the constitution is important? 2  

 First World War

We look at an arms buildup that is primary aim of constitutional revision.

Concerning the arms buildup.

Although the ninth article " renunciation of war, denial of armaments and the right of belligerency" of the present constitution is ideal, there is a problem in an interpretation.

Let's see the world for reference.

l       Isn't an army needed?  Of course, it is required.
Many countries that had intended to invade appeared ever.
Probably, it will be impossible to solve all peacefully.

l       Does an army bring about adversity?  It might become occasionally so.
An army becomes easily jingoistic, and to be used for political change.
There is a side in which a military alliance makes it easy to war, like the two World Wars.
An arms race, rather than deterrence, is in the tendency that increases the cost of war and each other's fighting spirit.

Familiar example
Without weapon, the Peacekeeping Force (PKO) of the United Nations and the police in a nation are powerless.
On the other hand, if gun possession becomes free, the country will become danger more.





         軍隊はいらないのか?   もちろん必要です。

* 軍隊は災いとなるか?  大いになることがあります。


Japanese troops entered into Nanjing castle 

< Japanese troops entered into Nanjing castle >

Let's somewhat consider an actual problem.

What should we be done in order to oppose the missile of North Korea?
Although we want to make an interception system perfect, it is imperfect even if it uses several tens trillion yen.
It will be endless if the opponent increases false warheads and a number of it.

What was a Cold War between U.S. and Soviet?  The nuclear warhead, the missile race, the proxy war of neighboring countries etc.
Immense fund and resources were spent on the arms race, and also live and life of many peoples in neighboring countries were lost, and the scar is not yet recovered.
Decision of American Presidents, Kennedy and Nixon, and Presidents of the Soviet Union put an end to it.
The hand was grasped although both nations mutually were afraid as the cruel enemy.


* 北朝鮮のミサイルに対抗するには、どのようにすれば良いのでしょうか?


Nixon and Mao Tse-Tung

< Nixon and Mao Tse-Tung >

l       What should the army of Japan be?

The Self-Defense Forces are required.
We should avoided the collective security and the arms race that has a purpose of threat and deterrence against neighboring nations.

The conclusion
Only way that our world reduces war should aim at the Self-Defense Forces in the world from it of each nation.
The present constitution in Japan has forbidden using the force for one nation's convenience.
But neither the right of self-defense nor the assistance of the U.N. forces (PKO etc.) is denied.

A series " Misunderstanding of war" in my blog was explained in little detail.

Ø         自衛隊は必要です。
Ø         隣国を威嚇し抑止目的の集団安保や軍拡競争を避ける。

結 論


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