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History of sickness and medical art1:  Introduction


< Tomogram of brain by MRI >

This series mainly deal with the world from ancient times to medieval times.
How have people been related to the sickness?
How have people developed the medical art?
We can understand a side of human development by seeing it.

The people looked for all means to get away from the pain of sickness.
By advancing the understanding of sickness, the causal explanation was changed from the mysterious things to the science.
This had the big influence on the human society.
The medical art improved a whole lot.
On the other hand, a lot of superstitions and misunderstandings were produced and it came to cause the misfortune too.



 Pazuzu was the king of the demons in Assyrian.  

The sickness in human history

The fear to skin diseases or infectious diseases planted deep-rooted idea, impurity or divine punishment, in much society.
This was often drawn in the bible and the sutra of world religion, and the idea (waste matter) living deep-rooted also in India and Japan.
Although the plague raged in Europe in the 14th century, it became a trigger of the immigration into East Europe and the Jew discrimination, furthered the Reformation afterward.

The sickness keeps having a large influence on the society, the culture, and the human race.
Moreover, The sickness will be one of the most important motive to which people seek God's help.




< Hippocrates was an ancient Greek physician.  >

The medical art in human history

The medical art has spread to the people by gradually breaking down the prejudice and the superstition, and getting more scientific.
In that process, the medical art was under restraint of the society, the culture, and the religion.
On the other hand, the medical art was obtained the help of them, and then developed.
Moreover, in order that an advanced civilization may permeate underdeveloped areas, having a more potent on cure than before was important.

The medical art developed together with science, and further deepened human understanding.

Next time, we look at the oldest situation of the sickness and the cure on the earth.





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