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History of sickness and medical art 3:  Start of the cure 2


Following last article, I search for the oldest cure.

Method to exclude the epidermal parasites alone.

An elephant and a buffalo, etc. exclude the epidermal parasites by covered of sand, and rolling.

The chimpanzee changes a place on a tree every day and makes new nest.
If the chimpanzee sleeps in the same place, he spread out new sprig on the nest.
This is to control the growth of the crab louse that causes the skin disease.
The human race evolved in the direction that loses hair in taking measure for crab louse about 1,200,000 years ago.





<  A nest of chimpanzee >

The oldest type among the care of health to others.

In that context, isn't a symbiosis of cleaning fishes in a tropical coral reef the oldest type?
A little cleaning fish enter a large fish's mouth, and can get bait while the fish was protected.
Interestingly, the both of them became familiarity mutually and have obtained profits mutually.



<  A symbiosis of cleaning fishes >

Does the animal understand other pains?

The university in Canada and the United States confirmed the mouse reacted to other pains by the experiment.
When a mouse that was putted in a glass vessel is given the pain by a medicine or an electroshock, other mouse that has seen the pain becomes sensitive and shows a similar pain reaction (expansion of the body etc.).
When a mouse noticed that the cause of giving the pain is in his operation, treading on a pedal was conditioned in advance by an experiment, the mouse comes to stop the operation.
If the mouse that receives a pain is unfamiliar one, in the case of a male, the sensitivity becomes low unlike a female.



l       It is universal in varying degrees that the animal gives the prevention and cure of sickness by oneself.
l       The chimpanzee is adequately selecting and practicing a cure that they get out the parasitic insect of intestines. It is a kind of food culture.
l       Caring for the others and recuperating oneself deepened with development of intelligence. Development of reciprocal altruistic behavior.
l       Development of ability to sympathize with other pains. A mirror neuron that produces sympathy exists in brain.

By cerebral evolution, the animal performed better exactly the sick prevention and the cure.
And the caring for others has been developed by the development of sympathy.
Though the behavior in the first stage had been ruled by the inheritance, after that, the acquired thing became important.

l       動物が自ら病の予防や治療を行うことは、程度の差はあれ普遍的。
l       チンパンジーは、腸内の病源を除く治療を的確に選択実行している。食文化の一種。
l       他者を介護し養生することは知能の発達と共に深まった。互恵的利他行動。
l       他者の痛みに共感する能力の発達。共感を生むミラーニューロンが脳に存在。


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