Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introduce the west side of Kyushu

In September, last year, I traveled Kumamoto, Saga, and Nagasaki in Kyushu.
It generally was fine and I was able to enjoy a wonderful landscape and a history.


阿蘇山, Mt. Aso , volcano, Kyushu, kumamoto,  somma

< The central plateau in Mt. Aso volcano 

九州, 地図, map, trabel
 < map、 The traveled place  

The somma of the volcano has 20 km in diameter, and there are many villages and farms in that inner side.


熊本城, 天守閣, castle tower ,  Kumamoto Castle,  kyusyu
< The castle tower of Kumamoto Castle 
The castle tower with remarkable black is one of the representatives of the castle in Japan.
The feature of the castle in Japan is made of wood and clay on the foundation of high stonewalls.
The white wall mixes clay with burnt lime.
This castle was made about 400 years ago, but it was destroyed by fire and it was rebuilt.


feudal lord’s room,  palace ,本丸御殿, 殿様, 部屋,  Kumamoto Castle 
< a feudal lord’s room in the palace  : 本丸御殿の殿様用の部屋 >
The just rebuilt palace (convention place) was large.


普賢岳, Mt. Fugen volcano, Sea of Ariake volcano

< Mt. Fugen volcano :  普賢岳 >

Mt. Fugen that is visible from the ferry of the Sea of Ariake has marks of lava flow which a major volcanic eruption made.


長崎, 中華街,  Chinatown Nagasaki
< Chinatown in Nagasaki  : 長崎中華街 >
Period of national isolation, Nagasaki was only one place that can be traded with the Netherlands.
Japan was continuously trading with China and South Korea.
The new knowledge and the new culture flowed into Japan from here in those days.
This is one of the factors that made Japan go to the Meiji Restoration.


< a specialty dish of Nagasaki 

佐世保, 夜明け, dawning ,daybreak, first light, morning
朝焼け, 佐世保, 夜明け, dawning ,daybreak, first light, morning daylight

< dawning >
The dawning view from the hotel of the summit from which we looked down at the Sasebo bay is indescribably beautiful.


島影 九十九島 sightseeing   islands   Sasebo bay

< sightseeing of the islands in the Sasebo bay >

平戸, kyusyu, Xavier commemoration church hirado
< Hirado >
A Buddhist temple is located on the right-hand side of the stairs that gone up to the Xavier commemoration church on a hill.
The trade with Europe began from this ground, and propagation of Christianity (Catholic) also started.
Then, we went to the Saga castle.
I could know Kyushu of the Edo period by seeing Nagasaki of a trading port, Hirado, Kumamoto Castle and the Saga castle.
Seeing the Mt. Aso volcano, Mt. Fugen and the Sea of  Ariake, I understand that the west side of Kyushu consists of a volcano and a complicated overseas line.
I could enjoy local fish dishes using freshly caught seafood in a shopping street in Sasebo.


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