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Went around Croatia and Slovenia 14:  Seafaring country Dubrovnik 4

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 14: 海洋都市ドゥブロブニク 4

< 1. A cross on Mt. Srd >
< 1. スルジ山頂の十字架 >

I introduce the last of my stroll around Dubrovnik.
Those are alleys, outdoor market, and ice cream shop etc. 


The cross of photo 1 was rebuilt after being destroyed by an independence war of 1991, and in the past, Napoleon built it when he occupied here in the early 19th century.
I didn’t feel such a misery in the white cross shining against a background of blue sky and blue sea.


< 2.  Our sightseeing route >
< 2.私達の観光ルート >
Legend: Blue lines are our sightseeing routes, and the alphabets indicate approximate photography points.

凡例: 青線は散策ルートで、アルファベットは写真の撮影地点を示しています。

< 3.  A view of an alley from point A >
< 3.Aから見た路地 >

< 4.  Serbian Greek Orthodox Church and an alley in front of it >
< 4. セルビア正教会とその前の通り >

This church is located in point B.
There is a synagogue in this Dubrovnik, too.


< 5. Outdoor market >
< 5.青空市場 >

This is named Gunduliceva Square, and is located in point C.
This was small, but we can enjoy shopping for vegetables and fruit, homemade foods, souvenir.


< 6.  I go an old port from Luža Square >
< 6. ルジャ広場から旧港に出る >

Upper photo:  Going through a tunnel at the left of the tower, we can go to the old port.
Lower photo:  Pleasure boats are going in and out very often.
The pleasure boats from this old port go around the outside of Dubrovnik or the island opposite.

上の写真: ルジャ広場の時計台横のトンネルをくぐると旧港に出ます。
下の写真: 遊覧船が頻繁に出入りしている。

< 7.  An uphill alley and an ice cream shop >
< 7. 山側の路地とアイスクリーム店 >

This alley is located about point E.
There is this shop just on the left side of this alley.
I visited this shop about 10:30 on Wednesday, but there were many children here.


< 8.  Destruction and rebuilding by the independence war >
< 8.独立戦争時の破壊と再建 >

Upper fig.:  A bulletin board indicating the situation of the destruction.
The black marks indicate damaged spots by being shot.

Lower fig.:  A view of roofs from rampart.
The reason for the difference in luster of those roof tiles is because only damaged tiles were changed for new things.

上図: 破壊の状況を示す掲示板。

下図: 城壁の歩道から見た屋根。

Croatian war and Dubrovnik
In June 1991, Slovenia declared the independence first and subsequently Croatia also did.
And a battle began between Slovenian Territorial Defense in that Serbia is a main and Slovenia, but was finished in ten days.
However, Croatian war continued for four years, because Croatia had a border with Serbia and had many Serbians in the country.
And, in December 1991, suddenly many bullets poured in Dubrovnik, and it continued for seven months.
At its peak, 2000 bullets fell in Dubrovnik in a day.
After the independence, the restoration advanced, Dubrovnik was authorized again as the world heritage and this is busy with visitors now.

This continues next time.

独立に反対するセルビアが牛耳る旧ユーゴスラビア連邦軍とスロベニアで戦闘が始まったが, 10日間で終了した。


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