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The society and the information 29: information crosses the border 3

 current Guangzhou

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I introduce to you an episode of the information crossing the border between countries that I experienced while traveling.


Guangzhou Station in the 1980s

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In Guangzhou, China
Several years after Tiananmen Square Incident (suppression of free speech in 1989 in Beijing), I traveled China for the first time.
At that time, the bad side of Chinese politics and economy was conspicuous in Japan.
A certain writer wrote up inferior China and won popularity, and I also read it.
I decided to go to China with having more curiosity than fear.

I sailed up the river from Hong Kong by a ferry and arrived at Guangzhou while looking at quiet countryside.
Modernistic high-rise buildings were only hotels, and high apartments of bricklaying were being built in some places.
This is currently one of the cities that accomplished big development, but at that time, it was simply vast population high-density place although it was famous for the historical merchant city.
Deng Xiaoping who looked at this city had confidence in the transition to market economies, and performed the economic reform from 1978, and then China's economy accomplished great development.



Deng Xiaoping and slogan

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Wandering at night
I continued walking the streets in Guanzhou alone from 9:00 p.m. of the weekend to 2:00 a.m. 
I felt an undulation that exceeded my prospect.
Though it was the midnight, the street was full of crowds of old and young, and i seemed that all went into the restaurant.
Furthermore, as the evening goes on, a lot of young men and women stood on the overpass of the big street crossing and they embraced each other and began kiss.
I felt the freedom and the hope being instead of the state power and the darkness to the silhouettes that were lighted up by streetlights.

The next day, when I had told the surprise to a Chinese interpreter, satisfactory answer came to me.
People of this area don’t believe an announcement of Beijing government from the old days, because people were coming and going to Hong Kong and moreover the truth was coming from Hong Kong by radio.”
When I boarded a ferry bound for Guangzhou in Hong Kong, I remembered that most of Chinese passengers had big bag of souvenir of Hong Kong.



 current Guangzhou whole view

< 4.  current Guangzhou whole view

What I realized
Probably, there might have been already the energy that goes to free economy in  Guanzhou, like Deng Xiaoping had perceived it.
Without doubt prosperity of Hong Kong was accessible fact of the people.
The truth that is crossing the border between countries not only saves some oppressed people but also develops or releases people.

After all I understood that I could feel their consciousness and energy if I went there.



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