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The society and the information 26: Wonder of brain and nerves 4


< 1.  brain when parson was praised, a image of MRI >

I look at a brain function that makes our action and thought most human. 
We do not notice that usually.


Please imagine a little

Emotion-feelings:  your heart beat intensely as soon as you watched a cobra in front. However, if you noticed a glass being in between you and it, the heartbeat would quiet down immediately.

Memory:  Can you remember the pattern of your dinner bowl using every day?  On the other hand, you will be able to remember like that of yesterday about the memory of early childhood.

Motivation:  You have to restrict delicious between-meal eating, in order to wear favorite swimming suit. Every day, controlling your appetite involves appreciable pain.

情動(感情): あなたは目の前のコブラを見たとたん、心臓が激しく鼓動します。しかし、前面にガラスがあることが分かれば、心臓の鼓動はすぐ収まるでしょう。
記憶: あなたは毎日使っているお茶碗の絵柄を思い出せますか。一方、幼い頃の思い出を昨日のように思い出すことがあるはずです。
動機付け: あなたは好きな水着を着る為に、美味しい間食を制限しなければならない。日々、食欲を抑えることはかなりの苦痛が伴います。

Secretion of the neurotransmitter

< 2.  Secretion of the neurotransmitter >

Emotion affects these all

The basic information processing of brain of the human is performing in huge network where 100 billion nerves convey information one by one.
However, if the emotion rouses up once, a wide area of the brain becomes active situation or inhibited situation for a certain period of time, and then it affect the usual information processing.
It is because neurotransmitter was secreted from the cerebral inside - limbic system- as shown above figure.
The main substance is Dopamine, Serotonin and Noradrenalin, etc.
These produce emotions, such as fear, sadness, joy, anger, and dislike.
The function resembles that the fighting spirit and muscularity of a sport player becomes enlarged, because he continues injecting male hormone.


 Neurotransmitter is mixed and complicated emotions are born

< 3.  Neurotransmitter is mixed and complicated emotions are born


1.      There is a part that strongly reacts to fearful things - snake etc. - in brain, and this immediately produces the feeling expression and the body reaction.

2.      In memory or cautions, the emotion - danger, comfortableness etc.- determines the necessity of a lot of those.

3.      The emotion - avoiding fear or uneasiness, demanding for pleasure etc.- affects the action and the judgment. It means intuition.




What I want you to know.
1.       Do you feel loathsomeness about the sexual act of the homosexual?
2.       Will you be glad if you hear that a rich person suffered heavy losses?
3.       When the player of opponent country fails in an international match, are you pleased?

The emotion affects all these reactions
The emotion is influenced by not only heredity but also growth environment and social environment.
The problem means that human is hardly able to recognize the real identity of the emotion by oneself.
Human have experienced adolescence, and then they come to be able to control their emotion so that there is no trouble in their life.

However, the understanding and sympathy to others, other groups, and different things are quite difficult.

I treat another theme from next time.

1.             あなたは同性愛者のセックスに嫌悪感を抱きますか。
2.             あなたはある金持ちが大損したと聞いたら嬉しいですか。
3.             あなたは国際試合で、対戦相手国が失敗すると喜びますか。




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