Friday, September 12, 2014

I enjoyed the taste of Japan: 日本の味を楽しむ

< 1.  Hankyu Higashi-dori: 阪急東通 >

I introduce a course dish that I ate at a sushi bar of Umeda today.


< 2.  Uoshin in Umeda: 魚心、梅田店 >

Introduction of the shop
I watched the introduction of this shop with a newspaper by chance.
This shop is “Uoshin” of sushi bar in Hankyu Higashi-dori of Umeda.
My eating course dish seems to be “ Kuzushi-Kaiseki, Takara-bune”.
This course dish was reasonably priced in proportion as large helping of dish.
This dish needs a reservation.

食べた料理は「くずし懐石 宝船」だと思います。

< 3.  Inside of the shop    >

Introduction of the course dish
I introduce the dish in order of having been served.


< 4.  two food boxes二段重箱and roast beef salad 

Two food boxes: right box is the sliced raw fish of a tuna, etc. left box is assorted small sushi.

二段重箱: 右はマグロと鮮魚の刺身としらす。左は小さな寿司の盛り合わせ

< 5. a hot pot of sharp-toothed eelハモの柳川鍋仕立てand tempura of a lobster 

The hot pot of sharp-toothed eel:  Matsutake mushroom is in it.
The tempura of a lobster: Only this plate is for two people.

ハモの柳川鍋仕立て: 松茸が入っています。
ロブスターの天ぷら: この皿のみ二人分です。

< 6.  steamed egg hotchpotch, assorted sushibean paste soup >

The steamed egg hotchpotch:  Snow crab is in it.
The assorted sushi:  Sushi of an abalone, tuna, green onion, salmon roe, and conger eel.
The bean paste soup.
After this, a sherbet is as a dessert last.

ずわい蟹あんかけ茶碗蒸し: ずわい蟹に入り。
寿司盛り合わせ: 活きアワビ、マグロとろ炙り、芽ネギ、いくら、あなごの寿司。

After the meal

The cook cooks before the nose of our.
All clerk are amiable, and these dishes were provided timely.
The meal was a lot of kinds of seafood and very colorful.
We were able to enjoy the meal slowly.
Since the sizes of the Sushi and the Sashimi are small, young person may be unsatisfactory.
The taste seems to be equal to the price.


< 7. a night view of Umada >

Then, we became a good mood by having alcohol, did shopping in the underground center of Umeda, and left for our home.


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