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The society and the information 23: Wonder of brain and nerve

 brain and nerve net 

< 1. brain and nerve net >

We take the human body for an example for understanding the information system.

We have taken the United States for an example in order that we may look at the circumstances of the information.
Apprising to a brain about the canceration of internal organs is like that whistle-blowing appeals against the corruption of an organization.
In order to prevent runaway war, it was required that people are exactly informed about the information of the government and the battlefield
It is like that a person is perceived a brain's own abnormalities and the situation of the external world by the visual and auditory senses.

We look at the important points from "brain and nerve", in order to understand " society and information",




somatosensation: pain is due to “free nerve ending” only 

< 2. somatosensation: pain is due to “free nerve ending” only >

Wonderfulness of somatosensation
The nerve net and the brain have a skillful control function.

There are a huge number of sensory nerves that feel painfulness, heat, and pressure in our skin.
These nerves have two kinds of signal transmission system.
The pain continues sending the information to a brain, as long as there is a hurt.
On the other hand, if the contact pressure is changeless when a person has been wearing a dress, the information isn't sent.




< 3. Lumbago >
Occasionally, if we do not feel pains such as an injury and lumbago, we may think that it is good.
However, a person that inherently hasn't the pain sense will finish a short life after having wounds all over his body.
He burns with drinking boiling water without knowing it, or becomes lumbago with lifting a heavy thing, and becomes a serious illness irrecoverably.

If even the small part of the brain gets injured, is the pain sense of the whole body paralyzed?
In fact, unlike other sense organs, recognition of the pain is performed in a wide range  with a  brain, and a paralysis of the pain sense is prevented at least from occurring  by damage to a small part of the brain.
Similarly the long sensory nerves that have pierced through a backbone have also separated into two bunches, and it diversifies away risk.



a shrine ritual of fire-walking

< 4. a shrine ritual of fire-walking >

Furthermore, a surprising function

If you encounter an earthquake, suffer from heavy injury with collapsed pillar, and then it is assumed that a fire is imminent.
An acute pain runs, you can hardly run away, and you may normally lose life.
However, the pain vanishes suddenly and you can get away and may be saved.
It is because a neural transmitter substance that is secreted from a brain has prevented the signal of the pain in a connection of the sensory nerve in the backbone.
It is the same as that you virtually hit the anesthesia of the painkiller by yourself in pinpoint.
The same things will have broken out in the brain of an ascetic of fire-walking.


a control system of a pain: A red line is pain signal and a blue line is control signal

< 5. a control system of a pain: A red line is pain signal and a blue line is control signal >

The information such as pains is collected thoroughly, and is chosen depending to the importance of it.
The nerve net is made so that the damage to receive in accidents decreases.
In a process of the evolution, we got the wonderful system that detects the abnormalities of a body surface.

I look at the information system of the human body next time also.



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