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Went around Croatia and Slovenia 11: Seafaring country Dubrovnik 1

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 11: 海洋国家ドゥブロヴニク 1

< 1.  A top-down view of old port in Dubrovnik >
< 1.ドゥブロヴニクの旧港を見下ろす >

I introduce world heritage Dubrovnik in installments from now.
This place is praised as a pearl of the Adriatic Sea.
Please fully enjoy the beauty of Dubrovnik from the outside today.


< 2.  Whole view of Dubrovnik from a observation deck of Srd mountain >
< 2.スルジ山の展望台から見た全景 >

Inside the rampart, a medieval city that thrusts in the sea is Dubrovnik.
The gray rampart surrounds innumerable orange roofs, and azure sea and sky wrap it.
On the left side of the fort city, an old port that innumerable ships anchored in brought prosperity to this city once.

We visited here from 8:40 to 12:40 on Wednesday, September 2.
It was a refreshing morning, and fine weather.



< 3.  Map of Dubrovnik >
< 3. ドゥブロヴニクの地図 >

Legend:  The upper side of all maps is the north. Two yellow arrows indicate its location.
Upper map:  Dubrovnik is the most south end of Croatia.
Central map:  Dubrovnik is a strategic location between the sea and Srd mountain.
Lower map:  Two black arrows indicate the east-west end of Placa street within the city, and the length is 280 m. 

凡例: すべての地図の上側が北です。黄色の矢印がその場所を示します。
上の地図: ドゥブロヴニクはクロアチアの最も南端にあります。
中央の地図: ドゥブロヴニクは海とスルジ山に挟まれた要害の地にあります。
下の地図: 黒い矢印は城壁内のプラツァ通りの東西両端を示し、その長さは280mです。

< 4.  Cable car toward Mt. Srd >
< 4. スルジ山に向かうケーブルカー >

Firstly, we went to an observation deck of Mt. Srd on the cable car.

< 5. The right-side view of Dubrovnik from the observation deck >
< 5. スルジ山展望台からドゥブロヴニクの右側を見た >

< 6. The left-side view (the east side) of Dubrovnik from the observation deck >
< 6. スルジ山展望台からドゥブロヴニクの左側(東側)を見た >

In here, the mountains of Balkan Peninsula directly sink into the sea, and there are no plains.

< 7.  A top-down view from our gondola >
< 7. ゴンドラから都市を見下ろした >
Things seen in the center are the rampart and Minčeta Tower.

< 8. The outside of the northern rampart >
< 8. 北側城壁の外側 >

We got off the cable car, and we began walking along the rampart about 9:25.


< 9.  We went in Pile Gate >
< 9. ピレ門からいよいよ内部に入る >]

Pile Gate is the biggest gate.
Thing on the gate is a Blaise statue of Dubrovnik's patron saint.
I passed through the gate, but thick rampart still stood, and I was surprised at the strictness.


 10.  Sunset of Dubrovnik 
< 10. ドゥブロヴニクに沈む夕陽 >
The gulf that sunset reflects in is the old port.

This continues next time.



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